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The Well Of Three Features

The Well Of Three Features
Pairing: Link/Sheik
Rating: NC-17
POV: Sheik
Warnings: Gore, death, rape
Notes: This idea has been in my head for some time now, so I had to let it out. It came from a thing I read ages ago, about the Sheikah being... questionable and it just stuck with me. The title's from the place of the same name. Back to Xmas fic tomorrow. Expect more Zelda related fic though. Damn porn. (And likely expect more gore/twisted shit since I realised I've not done that in awhile either)

Dark. Damp. Scary.

That's what the sign said, that's what it proclaimed this place to be. It was one of those dirty little secrets that my people had been charged with keeping. This place, buried deep beneath the village had been both a prison and a slaughterhouse, with the bottom level serving as a graveyard. The place had been sealed up and flooded years ago, after the war, but he... somehow, had drained the water, allowing access.

I paced along the cold stone floor, waiting. Waiting for the boy before me to awaken. He still wore his green outfit, which fit him just right. His hat, sword, shield and other items had been removed, locked away in a different room. He looked so wonderful, so vulnerable. He was chained down, secured to the makeshift alter I'd created for him. He moved. Ah, he awakens.

"You took so long to find. Too long." I walked over to him, stepping into view of his bright blue eyes. "I lost the trail for you after Termina. Where did you go I wonder? What were you looking for?" I gripped onto his chin, staring into his eyes as he mumbled into the makeshift gag. "It doesn't matter, but what means is you're here now." I released him, slipping a knife out of my pocket, using it to slice through the fabric of his tunic, cutting it away from him.

I shifted so the knife cut the pants off him, tossing the remnants of his clothing away into the darkness. "You know, all this, all that happened is because of you!" I ran the point of the blade across his skin. "That... that monster gained all of that power because of you. You got all the stones, stones he couldn't get on his own, and you put them in the temple. All of this happened because of you. Although the Sages sealed him away, the damage is still done. There's still been almost seven years of his rule and the Sacred Realm has been corrupted by him. And I do not doubt that he will break that seal, somehow, someday and destroy us all." Without realising I'd drawn the Triforce over his chest. "I know what I must do with you."

I undid some of the bandages that covered my body, gazing at him the whole time. His yes went wide when I pushed my tight pants down, revealing to him my stiff cock. "What? Did you really think I was her?" I laughed and shook my head, stepping back towards him. "She only assumed my form at the end." I shuddered at the thought, shaking my head more. It was an insult, it felt like she was defiling me by pretending that all along I had been her. He was a food for believing her.

I pressed inside him, although he resisted and struggled I still filled him to the hilt. The same magic I'd used to bring him here and knock him out had also loosened him up. He was still so tight, possibly a virgin but I doubted it. He was a pretty boy and it was almost a shame that I was going to do what I had to, but it was necessary. Yes, he had to pay. I began to move inside of him, in and out, in and out. Steadily, I got faster, and faster. Behind the bandages that covered my face I smirked. He was getting hard, despite himself. There was no doubt in my mind that he was a slut now.

My movements became harder, faster and I leaned across him. "I helped you because he had to be beaten. You were necessary to imprison him." I slammed into him again, digging my nails into his soft skin. "There is another legend among my people. One that states if evil reigns for too long then the Gods will flood this world to cleanse it. It's a last resort and everyone, good and evil alike, will drown." I paused, thrusting into him extra hard, hearing him cry out behind the gag. "Of course I couldn't let such a thing happen, but your part is done." He looked at me, with genuine fear in those blue eyes of his, though his hardness didn't diminish. I reached down, took him in hand and started stroking him. I kept my grasp firm, stroking him at a similar pace to the thrusts of my hips. "If it's any consolation, you will be remembered forever." I whispered the words against his pointed ear, feeling him tense and spurt, hot and thick over us. He came his last. I wiped my hand across his face and smiled darkly.

"Goodbye Hero of Time."

I picked up the blade again, slamming it into his chest at full force, hearing him scream despite the gag, his blood spurting and oozing out of the fresh wound. The wound was joined by others as I stabbed him repeatedly, in such a frenzy that soon his body was almost unrecognisably. Blood cover him now,escaping from the gaping wounds, where both flesh and bone were now clearly, unnaturally visible. He was still alive, just barely, twitching and crying in pain, but he was definitely unsaveable, doomed. I came, filling his bloody insides with my load.

I stepped back to examine the carnage, but it wasn't enough. I'd even cut off his cock and balls in the frenzy, but it didn't feel like enough, not by a long shot. I left the room, returning with his sword which felt surprisingly heavy. How had he managed to lug this thing around so easily? I shook my head and raised it high, separating his limbs from his body, each one dropping to the floor with a soft thud, the chains that held them making far more noise.

I looked down at him. He was still breathing, though it was ragged and blood stained the bandage I'd used to gag him. His skin, that which was visible, was pale, showing that he didn't have long left. I bought the sword down the sharpened metal slicing through his neck like it was butter. His head feel from his body, rolling slightly towards the shadows and then... it was over. He had breathed his last and finally paid the price for his mistakes.
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