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This is getting out of hand, now there's six billion of them

Merry Christmas!

Rambly Christmas post.

I've got all the main songs on Guitar Hero Modern Hits. Scream Aim Fire was the last one to unlock but I got the highgest scores in it. Woo!

Christmas has been good. Presents have included three unicorns, Guitar Hero 5 and a DSi. Woo!

We went to nans and I read a bit more of Death Troopers. Still being vague with the zombies but the bodies have gone now, which is creepy. Plus it's took 20 chapters, but Han and Chewie are in it! Yay! I was starting to think they weren't in it.

Now onto Doctor Who rambles, cause it was just on.
*Why can't it be next week now gah!
*Odd that The Master's listed second billing in the titles
*The Time Lords are back, as countless people (on Who communities) predicted as much.
*I guess all the scenes I knew about will be shown next week
*Good old Wilf and his oldies
*Millie's cute, doing what all of us would do, squeeze the Doctor's ass
*Crazy cannibalistic Master
*I almost screamed at them to kiss
*Who is the mystery woman?
*Awww poor Donna
*Good idea to put the TARDIS a second out of sync (He finally takes the hint after the same is used by the Sontarans/Daleks/Trickster)
*Ha Cactus people!
*Bound Master! Complete with collar... and leash
*Bloody Torchwood
*Pretty random boy
*Now there's six billion of him, what's he going to do? Have an orgy?
*Other q: does it mean that they're all him? Even anatomically? Even the girls?
*So now their hopes rest with the Doctor, Wilf, the cactus people, Donna and whichever aliens on Earth at the time (and the Time Lords of course)
*The Time Lord thing at the end looks like the Galactic Senate in Star Wars (so much so even mum noticed)


Later gonna watch Poirot and Catherine Tate (on i-player, probably with Doctor Who Confidential).

Tomorrow's Hamlet and I'm gonna try and watch Clone Wars season 2 so far. Cad Bane's hot and Geonosian brain parasites intrigue me. And look sorta hot.
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