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Pairing: Matt Tuck/Ville Valo
Rating: NC-17
POV: Matt
Warnings: None really, just drunken sex
Notes: The last Christmas fic actually posted before Christmas. This one's for looloothebooboo and also serves as a birthday pfic too! I hope you like! Merry Christmas everyone!

I giggled softly, knowing I was drunk. Drunk and horny. I'd managed to escape from Jay, who I knew would try to stop me from such things. So far I'd tried to hit on four guys, though one had turned out to be hat stand with a coat on it. One had been wearing a baseball cap and looked absolutely terrified by the proposition. The second was obviously pretty young, but he had brushed me off with surprising easy. The last one had just growled and walked away.

Now I was stumbling over to the next guy, who had hair that wasn't quite shoulder length and jet black. "Wanna fuck?" It was about the most coherent thing I could manage, which had probably been what weirded out the others.

He seemed to study me for a few long moments, considering my offer. "Alright." He replied, his voice deeper then I expected.It reminded me of how Eicca's voice sounded and I recalled, vaguely, how I'd been surprised at that too.

I grinned in response and took his hand, pulling him away from where he'd stood. For a moment I considered asking him where he was staying and heading there, but I remembered the talk Jay had given me a few months back. 'No going off with anyone you don't know, I don't want you to get kidnapped or any shit like that.' I sighed inwardly and weaved, unsteadily, through the crowd to the nearest toilets.

I didn't even bother checking if it was occupied, as soon as we were in I tugged him to the first open stall, pressing him against the wall and kissing him with a hungry desperation. He responded, returning this kiss by licking at my tongue before forcing his into my mouth. When our lips parted for air I had my hands on his hip, undoing his fly. I pulled his cock out of the opening and licked my lips, wrapping my fingers around his firm length. My other hand went to my crotch, undoing my own zipper. "Mmmm want it..." I pushed my jeans down my slim legs, stopping once they were at my knees. "Fuck me." I murmered against his lips, grinding my crotch against his.

He took control, turning me around and pushing me against the wall, his stiff dick pressing between my cheeks. Without trying he found my hole, pushing into my body roughly. The alcohol had loosened me up and turned any pain caused by his intrusion into a dull ache. I braced myself against the wall, moaning as he began to pound into me. "Touch yourself." I barely heard the words, but my hand shifted to my crotch, my fingers wrapping around my dick. I stroked myself steadily, clenching around his stiff cock. I heard him say something in... whatever language was his native one, so I repeated it, groaning.

His movements were rough and hard into me, which just made me groan like some wanton slut. It was the alcohol's fault, booze made me a whore. He pushed my long hair away from one side of my neck so he could lean close to me and start attacking it. Kissing. Licking. Biting. I didn't care if the bites left marks. I didn't care one bit.

Everything became a blur and I wasn't sure if it was because of him, the alcohol or a combination of the two. I vaguely heard other people outside of the stall and knew they had to hear us, me at least. Any one of them could find us, see who we were, immortalise the image on a camera or phone of... whatever.

"Shit..." I came when I heard the door creak, realising we'd not even bothered to bolt it shut. It was almost a pity that it was just the door, not someone opening it.

He pulled out of my body and growled, gripping my hair and shoving me down onto my knees. I licked my lips a little, staring at his hard cock as he jerked off, his dark eyes meeting mine. He was mumbling things that I mostly couldn't hear, but I knew the words slut and whore were among them. He was right, of course. That's exactly what I was.

Before I knew it he came, spilling across my face as so many had before him. He wiped his sticky head across my skin, then released my hair and tucked his cock away. He was gone before I fully recovered and I realised I didn't even know his name. I hadn't even bothered to ask.

Shrugging, I stood and zipped myself up, stepping back out. Thankfully I didn't get far before some drunk guy pointed out to me that I had something on my face, though his voice was far too loud and half the room heard. Fuck.
Tags: bullet for my valentine, fic, him, matt tuck, matt tuck/ville valo, slash, ville valo, xmas fic 09
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