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Shower me with lullabys

Pretty much my last random post for awhile, Christmas' will be presents/Doctor Who, Boxing Day will ramble bout Hamlet and anything else would be fic.

Anyone with Guitar Hero: Can you use the regular guitar controller as bass or do you need a special one?

I've been on the DS versions a lot lately (well I was on the first one, then I switched to Modern Hits once it arrived, I wanna get Bullet damnit!). I keep humming along to the songs, cause I'm lame like that. Well, I only hum to songs I know obviously.

While out today I saw someone that looked exactly like Matthew from The Blackout, at least on the angles I saw him from anyway. It was pretty odd, but he looked nom.

Also yay for Wryley having gay mags. It's odd but awesome.

My copy of Ap arrrived Monday (thanks mikeyface!). Nom on Bob! I wish MCR weren't airbrushed.

I wish I knew when my money went in, cause it's Christmas it's all... screwy and I can't recall the changed day.

I'm still listening to Poison The Well an insane amount. I keep them on my player whenever I go out. I hope they tour.

End of Jan I'm gonna pester Lostprophets at a signing. Hopefully won't hit someone with a camera.

The end of The Next Doctor is still shitty.

Wooo snow! Snow is magic but it's not been as heavy here as elsewhere. I want heavy snow damnit! It's snowing now though, yay! And heavy too! YAY!

First present opened last night and it's a Doctor Who jigsaw puzzle (oddly it's got people from the series 3 two-parter, except for one, so he's the odd one out and it bugs me). It's got Dalek Sec on it though. Nom!

Mum says I can open another tomorrow.

From the last The Used q and a video, Dan likes filming Quinn's crotch. At the end I get the feeling it's threesome time.

Happy birthday looloothebooboo!

I suck at Christmas fic. My aim was to do one a day but that failed. However they will be done, just... a little late. One may be done tonight, one might be done tomorrow but any others would be Monday onwards.

Off now to watch Doctor Who/something else/Russell Howard and maybe fic something.

Until next post, Merry Christmas!
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