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For Your Entertainment

For Your Entertainment
Pairing: Adam Lambert/Bob Bryar
Rating: NC-17
POV: Adam
Warnings: BDSM
Notes: Next Christmas fic, for mikeyface, thanks for the AP!

I glanced down at the large man restrained to the bed, smirking at the sight of him. The ginger haired male looked like he'd be the one in my position, standing over some bound male, probably one of his bandmates, teasing before fucking him hard into the bed. No, he didn't look the type that would want to have his ass fucked, let alone beg for it like a needy whore.

To be honest, I hadn't expected him to turn up on my doorstep. At first I expected he was here for some other reason, that he'd heard about what had happened between me and his bandmates and he was here to defend their honor. However, while he had indeed heard about what had happened, what he wanted was much simpler.

And so he was now naked, with wrists and ankles secured to the bed posts. There was a gag in his mouth, a dildo up his ass and a ring stangling the base of his big dick. His body had several bruises and marks across the pale skin, some of which were caused by me and others which were already present. The latter were in various stages of fading. I reached down and undid the gag, smirking down at him. He didn't say anything, but he wet his lips lips and clenched his jaw slightly. I ran my thumb through the hairs covering his chin, licking my lips. "You look so hot."

If, I had more time and had actually knew he was coming I could have set something up for him. I could have planned something. I had a feeling he'd be back though and I'd get the chance to do something like that.

He smiled at my words, twisting slightly in his bonds, testing them. I knew he could probably get out of them easily. He'd definitely be able to pin me down if he desired, but he didn't want to. His squirming wasn't a serious attempt to get free. I trailed my hand down his body, stopping to pinch both of his hardened nipples, making him moan softly. I shifted my hand down, running a finger along his stiff, aching dick. His hips jerked just a little into my touch. "Tell me what you want." I spoke in a low voice, my hand drifting lower. When I saw him open his lips to respond, I twisted the base of the dildo so that it started to vibrate within him, his moan swallowing his response. "Tell me what you want." I repeated, turning it up higher and making him moan even louder. I gave him a momement to adjust before speaking again. "I said, tell me what you want slut!" I growled, twisting it untilit was buzzing away at it's highest setting.

He squirmed on the bed, his head tipped back slightly and his eyes lidded. "I... I..." He swallowed and panted, shifting more. "I... want your cock. Please..."

"Where do you want it?" I pressed him, holding the dildo in place inside him. I could feel the strength of the vibrations through my hand, my whole arm trembling at the feeling.

"Ugh..." He groaned out loud, his hips jerking up hard. "Up... up my ass."

"Good boy." I licked my lips and yanked the dildo out of him, only turning it off when it was out of him. I dropped it on the bed beside him, then climbed between his spread legs. I guided my shaft between his fleshy cheeks to his hole, which was open and ready for me, eager to be filled. I rubbed my head along his crack slowly, then thrust into him. He groaned again, pushing back against me. He was such a needy whore really, his thick thighs trying to hold onto me as best they could considering their current position. I began to move steadily, gripping on his thighs as I did so. He looked quite sexy, in that rugged, mountain man sort of way.

I gradually increased both the speed and force of my thrusts, pounding his prone body and smirking at all of the delicious sounds he made. I was certain he was getting quite frustrated with the ring encircled around his dick. I was thankful that the ring was a rubber one, since his cock was so thick that I doubted others would've worked. I dug my nails into his flesh, watching him twist and writhe about on the sheets. I let go of him with my right hand, shifting it over the hairy skin of his legs to pick up the dildo again. It was almost the same size he was and it was a deep blue colour with replica veins along it's length. I raised the toy to his lips, smirking as his tongue swiped over the sticky head. "Suck." He did so obediently, opening his slut mouth to suckle on the rubber dick. I bet he wasn't a bad cock sucker. I wondered how often he set those lips to work and had a feeling it wasn't nearly enough.

I kept a loose grip on the dildo's base so it wouldn't slip out of his mouth or choke him. My hips slapped against his ass with every thrust into him, thrusts which had become harsh and fast. "Mmm you look so good doing that slut." I wished I had someone else here to stuff his pretty lips. "I think you deserve some pleasure." I slipped the ring off him, casting it aside before wrapping my fingers around him. I stroked him, firmly but steadily as best I could. "So hot..."

He came before I did, squirting over his rounded belly in thick spurts. I pulled the dildo from his mouth, tossing it away. "Good boy..." I bent down and kissed him, hard, not caring that I could feel his sticky fluid against my skin.

"Such a slut." I purred against his lips, running my tongue over them. "A dirty whore." I slammed into him ahrd at the end of every sentence. "Filthy." Slam. "Disgusting." Slam. "Cocksucking." Slam. "Whore!" With a growl I felt myself shoot into his still constricting ass, my head tipping back as I filled him up.

I pulled out with a pop, panting heavily. My hands went up his arms to unbuckle the restraints, but he shook his head. "Please..." I stopped and looked at him, his chest rising and falling. "Leave me like this."

"Alright." I stood and smiled, stretching my arms up above my head. "I will." Before I left, I pushed the gag back into his mouth and slipped a butt plug in his ass, securing it in place with straps with included a pounch which enveloped his crotch. "I will be back.... soon." I informed him, slapping his stomach before leaving him, turning back at the door to look at him briefly. Perhaps I could think up of something else to do to him. I licked my lips, then left him on the bed.
Tags: adam lambert, adam lambert/bob bryar, bob bryar, fic, my chemical romance, slash, xmas fic 09
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