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We'll go somewhere where there's cheese!

I don't care who's number 1. It's boring. Next year can Bullet do a Christmas song? Dress Jay up as a reindeer.

Yay for snow! I WANT MORE!

Watched The Da Vinci Code and Angels And Demons today. Ewan's hot.

Yay Wallace And Gromit! I want a robot like that.

asphyxiatide gains extra awesome points! Plushies ftw!

Block went yesterday so I ficced, yay! May fic again soon.

How is there a Christmas bag under the tree that's half the size of me and full when everything I know about is small (and the biggest thing isn't even in it?).

And now tothe main point of the post, a picspam for blck_cherry which is tentacles woo!

This wasn't gonna have an order, but I figure catergorise them anyway.

First, Whoverse stuff.

A Bane from Sarah Jane (ha that rhymed!)

The inside of a Dalek

Human Dalek Sec, who I have a fondness/fetish for

So does the Doctor

He even gets chained up, kinky

Umbrella Academy

Just the one, for the first page of the first issue I secretly hope Seance of Kraken gets attacked/raped by tentacles

Resident Evil

While there are many Resident Evil bosses with tentacles, screencaps seem to be hard to find. Fail. This is Plant 43, a commonly found enemy of the series, which is obviously plant based.

This is a zombie infected with the t-virus via infected plants

The Legend of Zelda series

This is Morpha, the amoeba boss of Ocarina Of Time's Water Temple, which essentially tentacle fucks Link (ok it doesn't but...) I kinda base the tentacle fics I've done on it

This is Morpheel, boss of the Lakebed Temple in Twilight Princess

This is it next to Link, for comparison. It's one of the largest Zelda bosses

This is Majora's Wrath from Majora's Mask, it's tentacles are more like whips

This is Bellum from The Phantom Hourglass (a DS game hence small caps)

Here he is holding Link

Here he is holding Lineback before posession

Lastly, there's Captops/Phytops from Spirit Tracks whose tentacles are vinelike with spikes

Star Wars

This is a JK droid (which stands for Jedi Killer)

This is a Nautolan, Nautolan's are just... guh

This is Kit Fisto, the msost famous one. Guh guh guh! Oh the things I would do...

These are Quarren. The first is a Jedi, the second is a Sith

This is a Sarlacc, it takes 1000 years to digest it's prey

This is a Twi'lek, a darksider to be exact

This is Darth Talon, who seems allergic to clothing, with Darth Nihl (whos's kinda hot)

This is Darth Talon killing her master to become a Sith

Edit;: Apparently I'm not allowed to express my ehness at the number 1, despite not giving an absolute fuck. I NEVER give a fuck about number 1's. Yet this one everyone has ranted and raved about it and I'm fucking sick of it.


Oh and how many people bought it because you actually like the band/song and how many got it to piss off The X-Factor/Simon Cowell/because someone told you.
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