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Pairing: Jepha Howard/Rhys Lewis, Matthew Davies
Rating: NC-17
POV: Matthew
Warnings: Voyeurism, choking
Notes: Christmas fic for majsij. The other year, The Blackout and The Used toured together on Taste of Chaos, so this is set then

I slipped out of the back door of the venue, glancing around nervously. Thankfully, no one was hanging around the buses, and those fans that were still around would be distracted by Sean coming out of the door. Sighing in relief, I headed back to our bus, shivering slightly. The bus was warmer outside and blissfully quite. I sighed softly, glad to be in the familiar space. I wasn't sure exactly what I'd do with this only time, maybe I'd read or go on one of the consoles or wank or...

And that's when I realised I wasn't alone.

There was a sound from the rear of the bus, like a kind of groaning sound. I bit my lip and considered going, or just hiding away in a bunk, but curiosity got the better of me. I moved towards the back of the bus quietly, peeking into the lounge area. There wasn't one someone, there was two, but they were too close together to properly make out. They were both guys and they kissing, their hands exploring their bodies. The one closest to me was topless, his bare back obscuring my view. He had dark hair and, from his slim body, I had a feeling I knew who it was. There was only one person it could be.

"Rhys..." The other guy whispered, his voice vaguely familiar, clearly American. That narrowed it down. The ink on his arms confirmed it. It had to be Jepha.

"Shut the fuck up." Rhys growled and I heard him slap Jepha in a place I couldn't see. "Did I say you could talk?" I swallowed, my dick twitching slightly in my jeans. I bit my lip to keep quiet, watching as he gripped Jepha's hair and yanked his head back. I shifted slightly so I could get better view. Rhys was licking along the curve of his neck, over the inked skin of the word choke. He stopped to pull back and remove his skinny jeans, shucking them down his hips and kicking them away. Again, I swallowed, gazing at my friend's ass. It wasn't the first time I'd seen it, of course, but somehow this was... different.

He sat down in one of the chairs, the movement meaning I could see Jepha naked for the first time. His stiff cock had a shiny ring through the head, which brushed against his typewriter tattoo. I'd never seen anyone with so many tattoos before and I'd not quite realised exactly how many he actually had until now. I licked my lips lightly, wanting to study them closer but I didn't want to risk being discovered.

"Come here and turn around." Jepha nodded and walked towards him. Somehow I had a feeling he was used to having someone else in control of him. He turned slightly, so he was facing away from Rhys and stayed still.

"Ugh.." He groaned and I cursed my position. I couldn't exactly see what was going on, though I had a feeling it had something to do with his ass. I could see that Rhys' hands were there, probably spreading the cheeks. I heard something, a kind of slurping and so I guessed exactly what Rhys was doing. I swallowed again, my fingers undoing my zipper and tugging out my cock. I wrapped my fingers around my shaft, stroking it steadily as I watched.

Jepha was pushed away after just a short time and Rhys growled, turning him around. "Get on my cock." Jepha nodded meekly, climbing on Rhys' lap and sinking onto his hard cock. A groan escaped his lips, louder then the previous one."I told you to shut up." Rhys snarled, wrapping his hands around Jepha's throat and squeezing. "So helpful that you come with printed instructions..." I heard Rhys mumble, bucking up in the seat. Jepha moaned a response, though I was sure it was just that, a moan. "You're such a slut." Rhys continued, his voice just above a whisper and his hips moving at every other word. "Does he know you're here hmm? Does he know you've come with me to ride my cock like the fucking whore you are?"

I wasn't sure who he meant, but it was obvious Jepha did, his cheeks flushing slightly. I sped up my hand, my gaze fixed intently on them. Rhys chuckled softly, speeding up his movements. "Ah so he doesn't know, interesting." He obviously picked up on something I didn't see to make that assumption, or maybe he was just guessing. Either way it made Jepha's cheeks flush more. Rhys released his grip, enough so that he could take a fresh gulp of air. "Touch yourself."

Again, my position worked against me as I was unable to see any of the good stuff. I sat on one of the bunks, perched on the edge so I had a clear view of them, such as it was. Despite having such a shit view it was still pretty hot. Rhys was choking him again, mumbling words I couldn't hear as Jepha moved ever faster. His inked flesh became a blur of colour and the sounds they made filled the whole bus.

I bite back sounds of my own, my fist working faster along my dick, which now ached and pulsed whenever one of them made a particularly loud noise. My body stiffened when I finally jerked up and released over my t-shirt. I was thankfully that I came silently normally and only let out a soft pant soon after. I knew it was best not to see them through to the end, so I laid back and quickly closed the curtain, listening to the pornographic sounds they made.

Rhys, I discovered, was not like me. While he was usually quite, he sure did make an awful lot of noise when he came. "Fuck you fuckin slut I'm gonna... shit!"

I decided, as I lay there listening, that Jepha had to be like me and came in silence. Either that or Rhys had been squeezing him too hard and the sounds of pleasure ended up caught in his throat.

I stayed quiet, listening to them kiss, sloppy and messy. "I should... yeah." I heard the rustling of clothes being thrown on after Jepha said those words, then, a few moments later, the sound of footsteps as they went by. Once Iheard the bus door shut, I sighed in relief, glad that neither had seen me. That was a show that would certainly stick with me for a good long while.
Tags: fic, jepha howard, jepha howard/rhys lewis, matthew davies, rhys lewis, slash, the blackout, the used, xmas fic 09
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