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All the world is mad

This makes me angry. Why the fuck are we helping these countries if all they want to do is kill people for being different? Do they really believe that other countries are going to honor extradition laws over this?

If 'god' was so bothered about gay people, wouldn't he/she/it have done something by now? They're even more insane then the people that say floods are judgement on it. 'God' doesn't give a crap if you're gay or straight, it's the people in power that do. And those people abuse their power over others by preaching that their prejudices are shared by some divine power. Bullshit. I can't stand these people that claim to be religious but don't even fucking listen to the most important things about their own religion. It's insane. And what's worse is those same insane people are what have all the power in these poorer countries. They're just as dangerous as the dictators that readily kill others or live in mansions while their people starve.


I'm sorry, shit like this always makes me angry and ranty. Normally I just growl and mumbles to myself.

Onto other things.

I read the next Death Troopers chapter the other day. Finally, on the 16th chapter there's the first real implication of zombies. Just an implication, but it's a start.

The charity shop is open across the street. They're still setting up, but I'll start there after Christmas.

I watched Futuramma last night, with coconut and chocolate chip cookiees. Fail channel 4 for not having the usual True Blood repeat on.

To people that have tattoos, is a colour one more then a black one or is it the same either way?

I was hoping to get the Christmas fic done at the rate of 1 every day or every other day since Monday, but I've kinda failed at that since only 1 of them is done. Another is started but I just kinda... blanked. Sigh. Damn block. As a result most'll be late but should be done before the first week of January.

No mail this morning. Fail.

I'm gonna go now to try and get pepsi and then I'll hopefully be able to shake off this fucking block.
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