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The bees are disappearing

About to go shopping, in about half hour, for the Christmas food and a couple of bits.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, what happened to all the writers? I mean, generally, it seems ficcing seems... I dunno. I mean, take a look at communities, apart from the Trek one they seem mostly... dead. Like anon_lovefest, it always has comment pages going into double figures but so few actually get done. It's sad really.

Begone Jamie Oliver! You annoying ass.

Last night's Buzzcock's was funny cause of Doctor Who.

I started ficcing last night but then kinda got blocked. Fail. Now I look at it and think... errr. Sigh. Maybe I can later.

No mail? Bah.

I still have no idea where my keys are. Or where that missing fiver is. Bah I fail.

So this post is pretty random and kinda pointless.

Off now, might post fic later.
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