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Ah... victory

Woop! I finished Spirit Tracks just! Woo!

Some related ramblings:
*Malladus' eyes are the same as Majora's Mask, which is suspicious
*Poor sexy Staven
*Ha at Zelda falling on Link
*What's the deal with Zelda being useful in the past few games? And she's always a suspiciously good shot...
*All the Zelda's are related by blood... but all the Link's aren't (After all Niko in this knew the last Link and made no mention that this Link had a familial connection with him)
*Also it's suspicious how Link never seems to have any family (apart from the occasional uncle or grandparent) hmmm
*Take that Cole! You dumbass
*Malladus in beast form looks a lot like beast Ganon
*The last scene before the credits amuses me. How do they get down?
*Flashcards in the end titles! Anouki! (That's what they look like)

So yay! I've just gotta go on and get bunnies and stuff so... yay!

Other stuff now. Did first Xmas fic lasst night. Next one should be started later but I dunno which it'll be. I hope to get most of them done by Christmas, but if not they'll be done by new Year. I'm not doing them in any order, just whatever I get ideas for.

I got Kerrang today which is good. I'll read through proper soon. And do comp. Yay for Ian loving Star Trek! Next week (well, week after that) there's a poster of Oli topless. Nom!

Errr what else?

I dunno really.

I'm gonna go eat soon, probably pasta.

Tomorrow got food shopping to do and last of wrapping, since sellotape's empty.
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