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Pairing: girl!Curtis Ward/girl!Oli Sykes/girl!Tom Sykes
Rating: NC-17
POV: girl!Oli
Warnings: Au (girl!BMTH), BDSM, femmeslash, watersports
Notes: First Christmas fic, for asphyxiatide, hope yous like

"What should we do to her?" I asked my sister, staring at her across the room. She looked beautiful as always, sitting there with her bare legs spread. I found it hard to not stare at her pussy, so instead settled on her breasts.

She tapped her chin in thought, her eyes on the girl in front of us. Her wrists and ankles were tied together behind her back, a gag stretching her lips open. A purple, rubber double-ended dildo was between her legs, curved in a u to fill both her holes. My sister got up and headed over to her, gripping the girl's long hair and yanking her head back. The girl, Curtis, opened her eyes to meet my sister's. She had been the rhythm guitarist in my band, but then she decided to quit. That was when Tom took action, with Matt's help, and here she was.

"Little bitch." She growled, looking down at her, running the toe of her booted foot along Curtis' chin. "You won't be running out on us again." Curtis made a sound behind the gag, that seemed like a moan of either pleasure or protest. Tom glanced over at me, smirking. "Put a strap-on on." She licked her lips. "A big one."

I hopped off my seat, going to the bag beside the sofa. Smiling, I took out the largest one and secured it around my waist, licking my lips at the way it stuck out from my crotch. Sometimes, I wondered what I'd look like if I was a boy.

Tom had undone the restraints slightly, so her legs were free and she'd also pulled the dildo out of her ass. "Fuck the cunt's arse." My sister growled, slapping both of her cheeks hard. Then she settled in front of her, pulling the gag out of Curtis' mouth so that it hung under her chin. "Now you be a good girl and eat me out." Her fingers tangled in Curtis' hair again, forcing her down against her hot, wet twat. "Ugh, what are you waiting for?"

I wasn't sure which of us she was talking to, but took it to mean me. I thrust forward and buried the shaft into her ass, hearing her release a muffled groan against my sister's cunt. I began to pound into her, the inner end of the strap-on rubbing against my clunge, making me groan. "That's it..." I held onto Curtis' waist, fucking the girl good and hard. I'd wanted to do this to her for far too long. We'd done it with plenty of girls before, with both Matt's, Lee, Jay, Sam.... but not Curtis. Although I'd eaten her out while she was drunk.

Tom held her head down, groaning out loudly as Curtis tongue fucked her. I reached over, unable to resist the temptation to touch her sweet tits. Of course, my sister loved my touch, pushing her tits into my hands. I smiled, squeezing them gently as I plowed Curtis' ass. She didn't let go of her hair to touch me, though that was ok. She would when we were alone and Curtis was all trussed up in the cage. I groaned at thought, speeding up. Oh the things we would do to her.

The thoughts that ran through my head made me cum, perhaps too early but I couldn't help it.

"Well, it seems my slut of sister has cum. She looks so beautiful when she cums cunt, but you'll be seeing that a lot. Fuck..." I opened my eyes, gazing over at my sister, her back arched and her breasts pushed more into my hands, her hips jerking up. She looked hot too, goregeous actually. I pulled out of Curtis and corouched beside her, studying Tom's orgasmic features.

"Mmm that was... passable." Tom whispered, smirking. "We'll train you up." She nodded, patting her head. "Now, there's something else you need to learn." She rolled Curtis onto her back, then squatted over her face before she could react to her new position. I knew what she was about to do and shifted closer to watch. Once I was in a position to watch, Tom let out a stream of warm, golden piss, the fluid covering Curtis' face and falling into his mouth. The girl groaned and struggled to swallow, though she would learn. My sister was a very good teacher.

"Do you need to go?" Sadly, I shook my head. "Maybe later."

Nodding, she good off her and pushed the gag back in her mouth. "You'll learn." She smirked and took my hand, leading me out of the room. I knew she'd soon be on her knees, licking my cum out of my cunt, making me suck the strap-on and it just made me wettter.
Tags: bring me the horizon, femmeslash, fic, girl!curtis ward, girl!curtis ward/girl!oli sykes/girl!tom, girl!oli sykes, girl!tom sykes, xmas fic 09
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