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She's a ballerina

The post few days have been nothing special. I've ficced and been on Zelda (wrecker Phantoms=droideka). I'm close to finishing Zelda but won;t go on till later. I've started the first of the Christmas fic. I hope to get all done before the day, but I might not manage them all. Still, I'll try.

The Zelda guide turned up yesterday. It's the hardback one so it's all perdy and shiny. Only problem is it uses the American version translations. Fail.

I may end up having the tatt I wanted second first. Cause I kinda fail at picking the first.

Woo at no JC till next year! Yay!

Last night, while talking to saur on the phone, I heard this otherworldly noise from upstairs. Mum doesn't seem sure what it was, but it woke her. I was too scared to go up for awhile. It freaked me out.

Off now to.... I dunno. But finish fic is a high priority.

Oh and read this, cause it's awesomes
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