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You And One Other Part 2

You And One Other
Pairing: girl!Gareth Lawerence/girl!Jay James/Padge
Rating: NC-17
POV: girl!Jay James
Prompt: 24: Dildos
Warnings: Het, femmeslash, BDSM, pegging
Notes: I blame asphyxiatide for the girl!Jay. Most of this is based on a dream I had.
Part 1

Part 2

"Padge, this is Gareth." I grinned as his eyes bulged out of his skull. For one, he'd clearly expected Gareth to be a guy, something I'd not bothered to correct him on. The second was how tall she was. She was taller then Padge, so she towered over me. Her tits were at about my eye level. "But you can call her Snoz." He opened his mouth, as if to ask why, but she stepped in.

"Be a good boy and don't ask." She reached over and patted his head, wetting her lips. "Now, should we get started?"

I nodded and led her through to the bedroom, shucking my skirt off along the way. The second we were inside, her fingers hooked into the back of my panties, pushing them down my legs. I heard her drop her bag somewhere behind me, followed by the door being shut. "Finish stripping." She whispered against my ear, before leaving me. I quickly removed my tee, followed by my fingers unhooking my bra and casting both aside.

I turned around and glanced at them, licking my lips slightly. She was behind Padge, her fingers undoing his fly and tugging his three quarter lengths down until they were pooled around his legs. He stepped out of them when she whispered something in his ear, her hands pushing his boxers down. Her other hand was caressing his bare chest, her tongue lapping at his neck. She smiled as she secured a cock ring around the base of his dick, pushing him towards the bed. "Be a good boy now and lay down." When he didn't move right away, she slapped his ass and growled softly. He moved the rest of the way to the bed, laying on his back. "No, not like that!" She growled again and he rolled onto his stomach.

Slowly she stepped over to me, her fingers stroking along my thighs. "Mmm I know just what to do with you..." She whispered softly, the digits ghosting along my twat. "Finger him while I get ready."

I nodded dumbly, heading over to Padge when she moved away. I sucked my fingers into my mouth, gettting them wet with spit. "No, don't lube them like that." She growled, and I could hear her mess with stuff in her bag. Nodding a little, I slipped my fingers from my lips and pushed them into my wet heat. I circled them a few times, making sure they were soaking before removing them. "That's better." I smiled slightly, sinking my middle finger into Padge's ass. He moaned under me, his back arching just a little as I worked him open. "Faster!" I added a second, twisting them inside him until he was open enough for whatever it was she had in mind.

"There, I think that's enough." She whispered against my ear, her now bare breasts pressing against my back. I groaned softly at the contact, retreating my fingers from him. She gripped my wrist, bringing it up to my lips. "Taste." I sucked them into my mouth, my eyes lidding at the taste. "Mmm that's it." She let go of my wrist, using her hand to pull me back slightly, her other running something along my cunt. Padge grunted under me and, when I opened my eyes, I saw that the first few inches of a double ended dildo was inside him. The other end was running along my pussy, begging for entrance. "Thrust." Nodding, I pushed my hips forward so the black rubber length filled me, a groan escaping my lips.

She moved from behind me, entering my view fully. Fuck, she looked stunning. She was mostly naked, with a few black straps on her body. They encircled both of her full tits, cris-crossing over her stomach and ending attached to a strap-on that was secured around her waist. "This needs lubing." She said in a low voice, running the shaft across Padge's face. "So suck." She ordered, balling a hand in his long hair and yanking it roughly. I couldn't tell if he was doing as told from sight alone, but I heard him slurping around it, just like he had with those pants we'd made Matt wear. Slowly, I moved my hips as I watched, my pussy twitching around the dildo.

She was either bored or satisfied with his job, as she soon moved from him. That was confirmed when she growled low again. "All ready now." Her hands held me open once she was in position behind me and all it took was her to slam into me. "You look so pretty when you moan." She purred, her hands shifting around my waist to stroke my tits. "So hot." She nipped at my neck lightly. "Reach down and rub that pretty little clit of yours." I nodded, moaning when my thumb rubbed against it, my hips moving sharply whenever she thrust into me. "That's it... such a good girl." Her hands cupped my tits, squeezing them as she fucked me hard. "So hot..." Her movements became rougher and faster, pounding me so hard that I was sure I could cum any moment. Deep down I was cursing her for knowing my affinity for having both my arse and clunge filled.

Her teeth and tongue attacked my neck, sure to leave her mark on me. "I want you to cum." She whispered softly against me, moving even more eagerly. "Nice and hard around the big rubber dick." I nodded groaned, thrusting again, cumming hard around the dildo, soaking it with my juices. "Good girl." She slipped from me, moving again.

Everything then went like I was in a daze, which I sort of was. She took the cuffs from the bedside table and secured Padge's wrists together behind his back. Then she removed her strap on and stuffed it in his mouth, securing it tightly behind his head. Next, she pulled me back, the dildo slipping out of my pussy at the movement. Finally she sat in Padge's chair and parted her legs, so sweet cunt was on display. I could see the wetness from her. "Finish me off."

I sank to my knees before her, dragging my tongue along her crotch, inhaling her scent. I licked her eagerly, tasting her as I rubbed my nose against her clit. Her taste drove me wild and I licked her deeply, twirling my tongue around her insides. I smiled as she moaned, her hand fisting into my hair. my tongue twisting around her sweet bud until she shuddered, flooding my mouth with her warmth. "Good girl." She panted heavily, releasing my hair and sitting back. "Let's go." SHe whispered after a moment, standing shakily.

I glanced back at Padge, who looked obscene. One end of the double ended dildo stuck out from between his cheeks, his wrists cuffed, his cock aching hard and his mouth full of the strap-on. "But he..."

"Hasn't cum?" She shrugged and wet her lips. "Maybe he will later." She walked out, heading back towards the leaving room and my eyes were locked on the globes of her ass. Without even a moments though, I followed her and left Padge like that.
Tags: bullet for my valentine, femmeslash, fic, girl!gareth lawerence, girl!gareth lawerence/girl!jay james/pad, girl!jay james, het, the blackout
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