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What are you doing to my body?

A bullet point post, cause I'm lazy.

General stuff:
*Watched Golden Compass. It was ok, seems... unfinished. Which is understandable really
*Perfect Creature=eh
*I fail today. I've missplaced a fiver and a bill
*Merlin and Arthur look hot sick. And Merlin's stupid. And Morgana's obviously gonna be the main baddie of series 3 with her sister (who obviously wants her)
*Mum's well sick now. Sigh
*Claire's stuff is sent
*mikeyface is awesome
*Yay for nice girl at nan's, who I talked at
*Dragon Age intrigues me

Spirit Tracks stuff:
*Linebeck's back and still looking like a perv
*Dolphins are cute
*Water bunnies must be magic
*Link thinks he's Indiana Jones
*Another water boss with tentacles
*Yay! Gorons!
*Gorin/Anouki cultural exchange is adorable
*As is the baby Goron thinking a random man is Zelda
*I can't draw straight lines
*Or take notes right
*Damn annoying mini dungeon maze thing
*Yay! Link's in his engineer clothes again
*No Zora:(
*Stavan is kinda hot

I'm gonna try fic before going on it again. Should be easy enough. Also gonna send out those snowflake cookiees now that LJ's notifications are back. Dunno when yet.

And gonna post this cause I got tagged. never_coming_bk

You write down five things you want for Christmas and tag five people on your f-list. These people don't have to be the ones who buy you what you want, it's just to spread around the present love. Remember to post your address under a cut and friend lock the entry so that your info stays safe and protected.

I tag:
Whoever wants to


1: Jay James. Or any of Bullet. Or Welsh men in general
2: Shiny things! I'm like a magpie
3: A unicorn
4: Fanart/manips
5: Fic. Anything with Jay/Bullet/Ilan/The Blackout/Ian/Bob/The Used/Fightstar/Madina/Homoemo boys/BMTH/Jimmy/Link/Adam/UA (bonus points for gore, watersports, BDSM, scat, nullification, tentacles)

Of to go through f-lis, then fic.
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