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It's a family tradition

So today's been a good day. I was gonna do the second part of last night's fic, but my life has been taken over by what came in the mail today.

Spirit Tracks turned up! Yay! And it is awesome! I've been playing it since Gilmore Girls finished so I've done the first two dungeons.

*Link looks so cute as in his engineers outfit. And cute sleeping
*So this Hyrule is technically New Hyrule (or Hyrule version 3/4/75000)
*New recruits in the Hyrule guard have outfits just like Link
*For the first time there's someone who knows two seperate Link's and comments on the similarity
*I love tooting the horn
*The cow/pig things are so stupid
*BUNNIES! Black ones and white ones at least! Awww!
*Rabbit Haven=< 3
*Cole's obviously evil
*Leaving people to go save the day is a 'family tradition' of the Hyrule royal family
*Zelda as a phantom is amusing, especially when scared by rats
*Why don't people stop naming princesses Zelda? They always get kidnapped/imprisoned/possed/put in comas/turned to stone
*Pan pipes are tricky
*The Anouki are back and as cute as ever
*I wanna write a fic where some white wolfos ambush Link and do things to him. I might..
*The Blizzard temple boss is Twinrova mark 2 (and hard)
*Looking forward to the next part, in the ocean. Hope there's Zora

Oddly mum's expressed an interest going on it.

That's all really. I'm such a geek, but it's awesome. Gonna try and finish You And One Other and These Photographs so I can go onto Xmas fics next week. And gotta readd Death Troopers and watch Ilan's dvd.
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