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You And One Other

You And One Other
Pairing: girl!Jay James/Matt Tuck/Padge
Rating: NC-17
POV: girl!Jay James
Prompt: 24: Dildos
Warnings: Het, BDSM, penis pants
Notes: I blame asphyxiatide for the girl!Jay. Most of this is based on a dream I had. There's gonna be a part 2 at some point, with the femmeslash. This woulda been posted yesterday but due to LJ's issues I held it off.

Part 1

"Take these things off me!" I chuckled at the desperation in his voice, moving slightly faster on the rubber shaft that protruded from his crotch. I knew that, under it, he was hard and desperate, his dick trying it's best to fill out the sheath that surrounded it. I ran my hands over his chest, licking my lips slightly. His pleas would go ignored, for now anyway. "Please..."

"Should we gag him?" I asked, not even turning my head to look at the other man. I knew where he was, sitting in the chair with his legs spread, a hand working his dick as he watched us.

"Yeah." I heard him move and smiled, licking my lips. He came into view, his long hair sticking to his back as he grabbed some gags, holding them up for me. I looked between them, one was a simple black ring, another was a small dildo and the third was a black rubber ball. I nodded at the latter, watching as he forced the ball between Matt's lips and secured the straps behind his head. Satisfied he was silenced, I resumed riding him.

I felt Padge's hands on me, stroking down my back. It seemed that, now he was up, he wasn't content with just watching. He traced my tattoo with his fingers, before they trailed down my spine, the contact making me shiver. I stilled my movements when his digits slipped between my cheeks, the tips seeking my arsehole. He sank them into me, making me let out a low groan as they filled me. I bent over slightly to give him easier acess, my full breasts pressing against Matt's chest as I did. I faintly heard him moan behind the gag and I bit back my own in response, licking his face and neck wherever I could reach.

Padge didn't prep me much more then scissoring my fingers, but that was enough for me. He knew I could take it. He retreated his fingers, slurping noisily on them as he mounted the bed and lined himself up. With one thrust he entered me, making me groan out loud. With another jeerk of his hips, his full length filled me up, making me moan louder. Holding onto my hips, he began to fuck me, the force causing me to slide up and down the shaft in my pussy. I kept my eyes closed, squeezing around Padge as he fucked me hard. His hands shifted up, over my stomach up to my breasts. He cupped them, licking my neck as his pace quickened.

I lifted myself off Matt just enough so I could slip one of my hands between my legs. My fingers instantly found my clit, rubbing circles against the sensitive nub. My breath came outin hot, wet pants against Matt's face. I'd even given uplicking him now, settling for occasional sloppy kiss against whatever patch of skin was handy at the time. Suddenly, I released a low groan as I felt myself cum around the dildo, squirming atop Matt's body.

Padge was mumbling against my back, but between my climax and the deep gruffness of his voice I couldn't tell if he was actually saying anything coherent. When he wasn't attempting to speak, he was dragging his tongue along my inked skin in vague sweeps. The hairs of his goatee brushed against my skin, tickling it every time he licked the tattoo. His hips slammed against my arse harder now, the pace now even more erratic then it usually was. He stilled, his chest pressing against my back as he unloaded into me.

I sighed softly as he slipped out of me, wiping his dick against my ass when it left me. A few moments later, I shifted off the rubber dick, running a hand over Matt's sweat-slick skin. "I think you should cum now too." Smiling, I removed first the gag and then the pants, freeing his cock. I took it in hand, stroking it slowly as I knelt between his legs. I heard Padge behind me, slurping on the rubber shaft, but I tried my best to ignore it as I worked my hand steadily. "Where do you want to shoot?" I asked him, despite knowing the answer already.

"Your tits..." Was the response, accompanied by a soft groan. Nodding, I shifted so my breasts were near his dick. My hand moved easily up and down his dick due to the sweat and pre-cum that covered it. I licked my lips seductively, watching him as his hips jerked to meet my hands. He came hard across my breasts, the sticky fluid landing across my skin.

"Good boy." I kissed him sloppily, before laying on the bed beside him. I knew it was a good idea for Padge to invite him round. Perhaps, I'd invite someone. In fact, I'd just the girl in mind.
Tags: bullet for my valentine, fic, girl!jay james, girl!jay james/matt tuck/padge, het, matt tuck, padge
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