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I can has?

See, that right there is why I love Jay. How adorable is he?

I wonder where Padge is. Probably passed out in a gutter somewhere. Or tied to a bed. Either is likely.

Anyway, I wasn't meant to post before fic (LJ's being annoying with not sending e-mails again) but that vid... I just had to!

Catherine Tate was on The Graham Norton Show. I bet her and 50 Cent get it on. They were flirting like woah.

In other news, Game's website sucks, as does customer service. Bah.

Also, E4 had an amusing fuck up this morning. Fail for playing the start of a show after the break instead of playing the end.

Now, gonna try and finish fic before sleep takes me.

Tomorrow, getting Kerrang, watching Ilan's dvd and reading Death Troopers.

Edit: With everything fucking around, I'm gonna wait to post fic till tomorrow.
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