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I know by the trail

Merlin was good. Morgana's developing balls, which is odd since she's a chick. Merlin and Arthur, fuck already.

Sunday we went to the Christmas thing at the home. It was ok. I went on Guitar Hero On Tour and the first song I played was All The Small Things! Now it's stuck in my head. Damnit.

After that, finished the extra Resident Evil chapters (where the fuck is the minigame?) and watched Life. Sea animals are so clever and perdy.

Today was ok. The man came to do the kitchen floor so that's sorted.

Later went to dentist, which was eh. It took about 45 minutes just to get in! Bah. So I took their Reader's Digest. Woo free Doctor! Oddly, I can talk sooner then I could last time. Stupid girl put Dec on the card instead of Jan. Div. after that, I went to get some shopping. Yay for Pepsi and the Madagascar Christmas thing and... stuff.

Christmas fic post is 'full' but I'll except two more additions for later comers. I'll finish the fic I'm on now, then These Photographs and then start on them.

Well, after being on Zelda which should come soon.

Speaking of fic, anyone wanna do some for me? Peas?

Onto eating cheap sushi, then ficcing and tv.
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