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I have a real bad feeling about this

Today's been ok. The New Regime album arrived (woo!) and we got a new digibox/dvd player. Also got new unihorn.

The Doctor Who 3D thing was on today. It was ok, coulda been better. The aliens were cute.

Also, Tesco online is annoying.

Managed to finish the basic game of Resident Evil. The last boss is suspiciously easy. Gonna do the two unlocked ones later.

Picture post time!

First two Halloween ones. The first was what I wore, second with saur

Clone Wars figs! New ones: Jawas, Cad Bane, Padme, Admiral Yularen, General Loathsom, Matchstick

Leia and Xizor, new figs. Leia's outfit=perdy

New(ish) minis

The Kit mini, the new pride of my collection

The Nautolan Sith Mikey did< 3

The Resident Evil game, aka eater of my time

Me feeding the black swan

Said swan

Me with the massive pumpkin

The pumpkin carved (ironically with some soup made from it beside it)

Death Trooper, aka the book of awesome

Me on the wheel capsule. I look stoned

Link from the gacha ball

Ickle MO figure I got

Two of the books I got. The Clone Wars one is the next next one I'll read

The Men Behaving Badly dvd/The Blackout single

Rabbids on the tv

New Legos! Assassin droids, which are silver and perdy

The massive unihorn

Me with it

With the zapper

*insert lame thing here*

The New Regime album

Ilan's sig

See the perdy!

The inside of the album

The free drumsticks (and, like a fool I don't catch the writing)

Soon, I'll get more Pepsi and the Clone Wars comic. Then there's Merlin and possibly ficcage. At somepoint around 9ish, I'll do a Christmas fic request post. Be sure to get a comment in.
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