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He lost his life and his lady love

First off, something amusing from a few days back.

Mum (upon noticing my Umbrella Corporation sweatband thing): 'Is that Umbrella Academy?'

She amuses me sometimes.

Last night on QI, which always gives random knowledge. Like why do giraffes having long necks? For seeing far? For eating leaves? Nope. For fighting.

Sex dreams with girl!Jay are hot.

This morning I finished the Game Of Oblivion part of Resident Evil. Sveral things:
*Poor Steve, but he looks oddly hot mutated and very nommy naked
*Poor Alfred. The Alexia in his head appreciated him much more then his actual sister
*Alexia looks oddly attractive after her first mutation
*How many times is the mansion hall in the games? Seriously, the Umbrella Corporation need new design people.
*Hi twins dad, who looks suspiciously like Obi-Wan in Episode 3

We went to Birmingham today. On the trip I read more of Death Troopers, which is still awesome despite no zombies showing up yet.

The trip was win mostly, with some fail. The worst faily thing was there's no AP soooo, could any nice, kind, lovely person get it me? Pleaseeeeee. Next faily thing was the Tesco hadn't got mum's main pressie, so we gotta order online. And last, Argos had shit Battle Packs. Bah.

Good things, I got Guitar Hero On Tour (and mum got the decades one), I got four of those Trek dvd/magazine things cheap (yay for one having Lwaxanna in it!), I got Rock Sound, I got a Zelda gacha ball (Link ftw!), the Clone Wars novel, Halloween tinsel, a Doctor Who book, a cheap Men Behaving Badly dvd and a Star Wars activity book. I also grabbed a Light plushie from borders, which mum got. Yay!

Most money's gone/going on mum stuff.

We had Mcdonalds, Krispy Kreme donuts and went on that dumb Birmingham wheel thingy.

Tomorrow I gotta go pick up the new digibox/dvd player for downstairs. Ugh.

Tired now. Tiredness sucks.

Posted fic last night, go read. Tomorrow, making Christmas fic post so be ready to comment..
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