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Pairing: Adam Lambert/Jay James
Rating: NC-17
POV: Adam
Prompt: 10: Candle wax
Warnings: BDSM
Notes: For mikeyface, damn you enabling:P. This oddly seemed to take forever to do. Damn thing.

I stepped inside the room, the room which was my special place that very few would see. The room was dimly lit, with dark walls and floor. The room lacked furnishings, save for a series of black figures at regular intervals along most of the walls. Each figure, while varying in size and shape, was covered head to toe in black rubber with a leash attached to their neck, which in turn was attached to hooks on the wall. Above each hook was a polaroid of the men within the rubber, since their forms were pretty much featureless.

I examined each of them, despite the fact that merely looking at them told me next to nothing. I glanced over each of the 12 to decide on one to take with me, discounting the six slimmest almost immediately. My gaze drifted over the next six and I mumbled to myself. "Too tall, too big..." I stopped in front of one, who was a little shorter then I, with a slightly rounded belly beneath the rubber. I reached up, cupping his chin through the tight-fitting hood. "Yeah, you'll do."

I reached past him and grasped the leash, making a note of his name where it was scrawled under the polaroid of him. Jay. I gave him a sharp tug on the leash, waiting for him to move stiffly before leaving the room.

The room I led him to was a few doors away and normally wasn't where I took my boys. Normally I'd taken them to the room which acted as a dungeon, or to a bedroom. Today, though, I'd bought him to the living room. Once I'd led him to the middle of the room I released the leash. I paused for a moment, then reached up and caressed his rubber-clad sides. Smiling to myself as he shifted just a little, I reached up and pulled the zipper down his back. Slowly, his pale skin was revealed to me, along with the black lizard tattoo that was inked into it. I licked my lips, pushing the rubber down and off his body until it was a black mass around his feet.

Slowly, I walked around him, studying his body. He was slightly shorter then I, with a body that had the right proportion of muscle and fat. His strong arms were covered from shoulder to elbow in tattoos and his legs were covered in a dusting of dark hair. Thick curls covered his crotch, surrounding his semi-erect dick. His balls, full and heavy, hung between his legs, swaying just a little. I ran a hand over his side to his back, gazing at his rounded ass, giving it a light slap, making him jump just a little. Smirking, I reached up and planted my hand on the back of the rubber hood, pushing him down to the floor. He bent at the waist, reaching out blindly to brace himself with both hands. He landed on all fours, his ass on display, just as I'd intended.

I walked to the table, lifting up a candle from the glass surface. It was over an inch thick, closer to two, and jet black. I stepped over to the boy, spreading his ass cheeks with my free hand. Smiling, I slowly inserted it into his body. It went in so easily due to the butt plug that was incorporated into the suit. Once about half of it was lodged inside, I walked around him and took a seat in front of him, grasping the leash to make him shift closer to me. Once I was seated, I reached forward and began undoing the back of the hood. Slowly, I pulled it off him, reavealing his slightly matted black hair and flushed face. His hazel eyes blinked a few times to adjust to the light, then he gazed up at me, silently wondering what I wanted with him.

I considered for a moment, then smirked. I reached over, with my lighter, popping open the top and clicking it on. Instantly, the flame came to life, flickering slightly. I ignited the wick, then closed the lighter and tossed it onto the chair. "Suck me." I told him after pausing for a few seconds, watching the wax start to melt from the heat.

Silently, he leaned close to my crotch and extended his pierced tongue to swipe along my stiff dick. I settled back into the seat, stroking his hair lightly as he wrapped his pretty, soft lips around my cock head, swallowing it. I bit back a groan, combing my fingers through his hair as he suckled on my length. My gaze returned to his ass, watching the wax slide down the candle and drip onto his skin. He didn't flinch, bite, or react in any noticeable way,he just kept on sucking. As his head bobbed up and down, he dragged his soft tongue along my underside, the piercing making contact in all the right places. Because of that tongue stud alone, he was probably one of the best of my boys.

As time went by, his sucking became more urgent, and more wax joined the first few drops on his ass. I smiled to myself, allowing my hips to buck up and my fingers to dig into his hair. In response, he reached up and gently fondled my balls, his lips squeezing against my hardened flesh. "Mmmmm good boy..." I whispered softly, my eyes lidding a little. Already, I could feel my balls tighten just a little. Normally, I'd save my cum to shot up his ass, but I didn't want to remove the candle. Instead, I was content to unload down his pretty throat.

I kept bucking every so often, his head bobbing faster and fast until I released in thick bursts down his throat, groaning softly as I did so.

I panted, pushing his head off me, settling back and watching him through half lidded eyes. More of the wax was spread across his cheeks and I smiled. He didn't move, nor did he attempt to extinguish the flame. He just looked up at me with those eyes of his, as he had during the whole time since his hood had been off. His pretty pink tongue swiped over his lips, making sure he'd got everything I'd given him. For the first time he spoke to me, his voice soft. "Thank you sir."

I merely patted his head and offered him a smile, sitting back to watch the candle melt. Perhaps I'd let him cum. Perhaps, but only when the candle had burned down a few more inches. I smiled and planted my booted feet on his back, my eyes fixed on the flame.
Tags: 50kinkyways, adam lambert, adam lambert/jay james, bullet for my valentine, fic, jay james, slash
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