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Go to sleep, go to sleep

So I wasn't going to do a post pre-fic, but I started Death Troopers today and figure it needs a post of it's own.

I'm 50 pages in already (roughly a sixth of the way through) and, while there've been no zombies in yet, it's still awesome and creepy. I mean an empty Imperial-class Star Destroyer is pretty creepy (especially since the lights are on when I'm sure sure standard procedure is to deactivate the power core before leaving it derelict). And then there's the bio lab, which would be right at home in Resident Evil. I'm sure if the Umbrella Corporation were in the Star Wars universe the Empire would give them entire worlds and moons cause they're just that evil. (And doesn't the t-virus start with coughing? Mmm.)

Anyway, it's awesome and I'll be reading more later, tomorrow etc until it's done. I've even been this eager to read something since Revenge Of The Sith and if I didn't have fic to finish I'd be reading it now. I'm sure there'll be more then just the one follow-up next year. I recall an online review saying it's gory so... I'm waiting on that.

And yay, Resident Evil comparisons are expected since I'm still on it.

Awww baby meerkats are cute.

Seen nan, she was ok. Got The Sex And The City movie and Kerrang (fuck Parabore chick is annoying and... ugh). Why does Sean always lick people? Poor things.

Anyway, enough rambling. Off to finish fic now.
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