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There was a friendly but a naive king

Ugh, dumb headache.

So on Resident Evil I'm now in the Code Veronica levels (near the end I think). This is also know as the levels of the 'nut job twins'. Seriously, Alfred is a total schizo crazy which makes him amusing and kinda awesome. He has a good taste in dresses. I'm glad they kept the dragonfly video in it. Also in these levels are pretty Steve. He's so hot. Nom! I get the feeling he's gonna die though. Damn. Him and Leon would be hot together. Mmmmm...

Now I have the lullaby stuck in my head.

Since last post, I wrote a bit, but not much. I hope to finish it tonight sometime.

I hate that this morning, after restarting, firefox lost all the tabs I had open. bah! Now I've lost a couple of the things I had open. Fail.

I also fail by missing everything I woulda watched on Monday. Bah!

But yesterday we had Dominos and I saw Paradox ok so... yay!

Also extra fail for Ilan for sending my copy of his album with Mikey's. Silly cute haired boy.

We sorta put up tree, but lack of hooks and hurty head stopped me from doing too much.

Tonight woulda been the Blessthfall gig. Ah well.

I've gotten back into listening to Poison The Well since finding the new album. I'd forgotten how good they were.

That's pretty awesome, Snoz just answered my twitter question! Yay/eep!

Tomorrow I'm gonna go to nan's, start Death Troopers and do a picture post. And get money for Kerrang and Friday's trip.

Pumpkin soup soon, then fic, then True Blood.
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