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You'd better hope we killed it


Yesterday ended up being iffy. After a couple of episodes of Voyager (and a few pills) I started to feel real sick and drowsy. So I ended up sleeping till about 8ish and missing Merlin. Bah. Thank fuck for the iplayer. I've not watched it yet though, may try tonight.

I only stayed up for about an hour after that before drifting off again, only waking in the earlier hours. I went on Pokemon a bit, then watched stuff I missed on Friday on the iplayer.

After that, things go a bit iffy in my head, but I woke up this morning feeling a little better. I watched a few more things on iplayer before going on Resident Evil again (AC's out mostly so I can focus on it). Out of all of the enemies, I hate the massive spiders most. Ugh they're just horrible. After that I hate the lickers. Bah. And I forgot about those plant things with the tentacles. I died for the first time on it this morning, but that's only cause I was caught off guard by moths.

Also, there was a giant alligatar that we thought 'let's set on fire and hope it dies'. Yep, if it doesn't die we'll just have a big, pissed off and on fire thing instead. Brilliant idea. And also there's a mistake in the game's onscreen text. Apparently bowls is spelt bows now.

We're going to the garden center soon, cause the stuff on the kitchen floor isn't dry yet so we'll be eating there. Mum seems to think that we (cause she feels like I do) have felt sick causa whatever he put down, so getting out might be a good idea. Even though it's cold.

When we get back, we'll be watching Robots and I'll be online to pester peeps. I may fic or something as long as my head's ok. I'm gonna take pills just in case.
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