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You just can't stop

Today's been odd. We had the man come to level off the kitchen floor, which we only knew about yesterday damn mum, and he was done quick.

No sooner had he left then there was another man, with a questionairre thing that took about half hour. He seemed nice enough, though it was a random questionairre. It was on about radio, tv, papers... about gay people and blood donating. Odd. There's another questionairre gonna be e-mailed me, but I'll get £15 in vouchers for it so... yay.

I finished my Star Wars books, so I'll start Deathtroopers soon. Palpatine/Sidious is nothing if not clever and manipulative. Playing everyone for fools.

Now Voyager is on, yay! Starting with a Q episode. Yay!

Stupid head hurts for no reason. Maybe eating'll help.

Later I'll go back on Resident Evil. I meant to go on last night but got side tracked by Pokemon. Damnit.

General to-do list:
*Go on Resident Evil some more
*Rewatch Resident Evil films
*Reread Umbrella Academy
*Start Deathtroopers
*Do that Adam Lambert fic
*Finish one of the ones I started
*Do some form of Jay Smith/Sean Smith fic, since I haven't done one
*Sort dentist, since he bastard's always busy when I try and call
*Do another kinkyways fic, possibly with girl!Jay
*Sort Christmas cards
*Watch Pandorum
*Go on Pokemon some more some more
*Other stuff I can't think of
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