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The infection is spreading faster then we anticipated

New icon, I use it. Cause it's relavent to this post.

So today's been pretty good so far. I've now got a working laptop power lead, but more importantly, Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles came! Woo! Zombie killing ahoy! (Deep down I just wanna skip to the Rockfort stages with pretty Steve and the psycho, incestual, crossdressing twins.)

Things about it so far:
*I've only been playing about an hour and got 100 kills in. Sweet
*Hi blonde traitor dude from Resident Evil 4
*BOOM! Headshot's FTW
*The African infected spiders look even worse then normal ones from Resident Evil. Do not want. Ever.
*The first boss is an Alien reject. With tentacles
*Infected frogs just look strange (at least I think they're frogs)
*Never trust a pretty girl in a bloodied dress. Even if she does have a good singing voice.
*Your first day as a cop and the whole city's infected with the T-virus? Bummer
*Claire Redfield's voice sounds a lot like Clone Wars Padme (biut it's not the same person, I checked)
*Leon is hot, there's no escaping that really
*Woo zombie dogs!
*I don't trust that little girl

So yeah, yay! That's my weekend covered then. It took awhile to get used to using the zapper again, since I haven't in so many months and I accidentally pressed the wrong buttons a few times (throwing grenades by mistake, accidentally skipping a cut scene, using a healing item unecessarily) but yeah, I'm back in the game now. Woo!

Other things:
*AC's turkey is easier with another person, though we got pissed off waiting to get a wallpaper so we're both an item short of the full set
*Russell Howard was amusing last night
*Only in Mateo's hometown could there be a dessert that's boner inducing (it has viagra in it, no lie). I see someone in Bullet being tricked into eating it.
*QI was amusing. Never given Alan anything
*New trailer for Something Something Dark Side=awesome! (I editted into last post)
*Is the Watchmen multi disc thing coming out here? I hope so
*Curse you Mamma Mia for having a two disc set now
*I keep monitoring bandomkinkmeme but it seems to have died
*Getting asphyxiatide into Bullet=yay!
*I like what I've heard from Tokio Hotel's new album and Adam Lambert's one
*I keep getting Snow Patrol's Chasing Cars in my head
*Censoring two guys kissing is not fucking cool. By that logic you should cenor ALL kissing
*Gonna fic tomorrowish
*I wanna know what the Sean/Gavin/Matt Tuck/Oli photoshoot looks like. Stat. Damn Rock Sound
*Speaking of Rock Sound, damn the next cover. Why does Ian have to be so hot? And why do the rest of Lostprophets... not be so hot? Damn Ilan for leaving, cause he's sexy

Gonna go now, finish eating then maybe go to nan's. As long as it doesn't rain.
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