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Hibernation sickness

I got that Wiiware Pokemon game today, with points I forgot I had on there. It's good. I used a password to get Mew and he kicks ass. He's so fast and powerful compared to everything else.

I also went on AC today, which has a turkey in it for Thanksgiving/harvest festival. The flaw? It's invited for dinner, but it's sure the invitation was changed from him being dinner to him being a guest. So he willingly came to a place where he thought he might be dinner. Then he decides to hide and is somehow better at it then either Jingle, the Christmas reindeer, the villagers while playing hide and seek and Jack, czar of Halloween. So it often takes me 15+ minutes to find him once. Fuck that. I managed to get half the furniture set from him, before getting too pissed off and giving up (which wasn't helped by him giving me one piece 2 times more then I needed it).

Stupid fucking turkey.

Last post had an odd anon comment, which annoys me cause... it just does. Gah.

New QI on tonight. Yay! Random knowledge is awesome.

Thanksgiving is like Easter. Aka, it's not a real holiday because it changes every year. Christmas does change every year. Birthday's don't change every year. So why should these two things change? (Especially easter, cause why the fuck would Jebus die/come back to life on different days every single year?)

Anyway... I can't think of anything else to ramble about.

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