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I have a bad feeling about this

Random part of post first.

The past few days have been odd, what with the strange sleeping patterns, bad weather and stuff. I've done fic, archived, listened to some new Tokio Hotel songs (I like the ones I heard), read more of book and getting into Adam Lambert.

Kerrang this week is eh. So will next week's be. Paramore suck!

Going to Birmingham next week to get the last few things and AP.

Yay for Sunshine being on Sunday.

Now meme time, cause I can't think of much else.

- Reply to this Meme with a request for stuffs. (I got tagged by loud_an_clear
- I will give you 3-5 words that remind me of you.
- Post them in your LJ and talk about them.
- Spread the meme love!

Bullet For My Valentine

This is Bullet. Which are Jay, Matt, Padge and Moose. They're sexfuls, Welsh and awesome. And they're underrated cause there's like, no Bullet fic. Gimme moar interwebs! Oh yeha and they do music of the metal variety.

Star Wars
Star Wars is awesome, it just is. I mean, what's not to love? There's droids and pretty boys and killing and explosions so... awesome! Not just the films, but the games (mostly), books and Clone Wars series too.

Is where I'm from. It's better then America apart from it being wetter, colder and there being fewer toy shops. To balance that out, gigs are easier to get to and we don't have religious nut jobs.

Shetland Ponies
Are cute and adorable. I just wanna squish them, especially the ones near here.

Gayness is awesome. Guys kissing is hot and you know it. Anyone that thinks gayness is wrong is misguided, especially the religous nuts that have twisted there own religion. And as I type this there's gayness on True Blood!
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