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Pairing: Alex Gaskarth/Jay James
Rating: NC-17
POV: Alex
Prompt: 39: Collars
Warnings: BDSM, watersports
Notes: Set during next year's Kerrang tour, specifically the day before the Cardiff gig. For asphyxiatide, I hope you like.

I cursed softly under my breath at the cold, pulling my scarf tighter around my neck. How people could stand this coldness and live here was beyond me. When I'd complained about it a few days ago I'd just been laughed at and Welsh voices told me 'at least it wasn't December'.

I stopped outside a house, a place I'd never been to in my life, and checked the small scrap of paper I'd been given where the address had been scrawled. Yeah, this was the place alright. I gnawed my lower lip nervously, then took a deep breath and started towards the building. It looked nice and fairly nondescript really, standing apart from the other houses on the street. The grass of the front lawn was wild, clearly untended just as the rest of the small front garden was. My footfalls sounded as I walked along the garden path, weeds sprouting between the cracks in the paving.

I stilled in front of the door, shifting on my feet shyly. "Here goes nothing." I muttered softly to myself, the only response being the soft tingling of the wind chime that hung beside the door. I took a deep breath and sighed, pulling my scarf down to free my mouth before knocking on the wooden door.

Moments passed before the door opened, warm air escaping to meet me. "Come in." The voice was soft, but I didn't see who it belonged to.

I stepped into the warmth, the figure already having retreated through the doorway into the darkened living room. I closed the door behind me and recalled the instructions that had accompanied the note. I unwrapped the scarf from unround my head, setting it on the topmost of a set of unoccupued shelves beside the door. I tugged my hood down, pulling the zipper of my hoodie down, thankful of the room's warmth. The hoodie soon joined the scarf in a crumpled heap beside it. My fingers brushed against the collar that I'd secured around my neck before coming here. It was black and tight, with a silver loop dangling at the front. I let out a small sigh at it's tightness, then trailed my hand down my tight t-shirt, pulling it up and over my head, depositing it on the shelf below the other items of clothing.

Now half naked, I swallowed again. Next to naked in a strangers apartment, I had to be crazy. I bent down, undoing and tugging my sneakers off, setting them on the bottom shelf. My socks soon followed, balled in their respective shoes. I undid my jeans, my fingers giving my bulge a gentle squeeze as I undid my fly. My jeans were soon bundled on the middle shelf, with my boxers next to them. Now naked and semi-hard, I dropped onto all fours and crawled through the doorway.

The room beyond was a pretty standard sort of living room, with matching black couches and chairs facing the tv which occuplied most of one wall. Shelves filled with dvds lined the wall either side of it. I swallowed and crawled towards the chair, allowing myself to gaze at the man that sat within.

I'd never met him before, so honestly didn't know what to expect from him. He was short and stocky looking, wearing three quarter length shorts and a sleeveless tee, both as back as the chair so he appeared as a bunch of floating limbs. His head was framed with dark, shoulder-length hair and hazel eyes studied me intently. His arms were both strong looking and both covered in ink from shoulder to elbow. He inclinded his head a little, wetting his lip with his tongue, a hint of tongue piercing showing. "So, Alex is it?" I nodded a little, saying nothing. His voice was soft, quiet, yet commanding as well. "Tell me what it is you want."

I swallowed, my adam's apple bobbing behind the collar. "I want you to dominate me, do whatever you want to me."

He nodded a little and leaned forward. "As you wish." He grasped the ring of my collar, pulling me closer and gazing into my eyes. "You will call me sir or master, whichever you prefer. I will refer to you as pet. You will not speak unless I ask you to. " He growled low in his throat, which went straight to my cock. "Do you understand?"

"Yes sir." I whispered softly and he nodded, running his fingers along my cheek with his free hand.

"Good." He nodded and smiled, wetting his lips. "If you want this to stop, your word is therapy." He smirked slightly and I wondered if he'd intentionally chosen the title of one of my songs. "If you're gagged you give me the finger. Do you understand?"

"Yes sir."

"Good, good." He nodded to himself and seemed to consider what to do next. I wasn't sure if he was actually thinking or just acting if he was. Silence filled the room and my dick became fully hard in anticipation as to what was going to happen. Eventually, he spoke once more, releasing the ring and retreating his hand. "Suck on your fingers. Two of them."

I paused, then nodded, leaning up slightly and sitting on my legs. I raised my right hand to my lips, trailing my tongue over the tips, tracing my fingernails with it. I did that for a few seconds before parting my lips, wrapping them around the digits. I pushed them inside, up until half way between the knuckles, then began my sucking. My tongue danced across the skin, wetting them as I shifted them in and out. I hollowed my cheeks slightly, treating them exactly as if they were a cock. I was eager to demonstrate my cock sucking skills, in case he desired to ask me to suck him. His bulge was fairly obvious in his pants, which only made me suck them harder, coating them thick in my saliva. By now they were as far as they could go in my mouth on every inward thrust, my other fingers being the only thing that stopped me taking in the rest.

"That's enough." He said, his voice still controlled though his hardness was enough to prove he was aroused. I stopped, slipping the fingers from my mouth fully, dragging my tongue along the underside of them and flicking it over the pads. "Now, finger yourself with them."

Nodding, I lifted my ass up, shifting my hand behind myself to my cheeks. I had considered lubing up a plug and sliding it up my ass, but I hadn't woken early enough to do that. I let out a small gasp as I worked my fingers between my cheeks, the first finding it's target almost immediately with practised ease. I pushed the tip inside my body, my ring offering only a little resistance to the invader. I arched my back a little, driving the finger in as far as the angle allowed, twisting it around my insides. Slowly I withdrew it, placing my ring finger alongside it and working both in. That made my breath hitch in my throat, but it was nothing I couldn't handle. I worked them in and out of me, avoiding my spot but still opening me up nice and wide for whatever he had in mind.

"Stop." Again, I removed my fingers from my body, licking them lightly to taste myself. His hand was on his crotch, squeezing it through the material that covered it. I expected him to free his dick and stuff it down my throat or ass, but instead he reached beside the chair. There was a small glass table which had easily escaped my notice. Atop it was a bag, which occupied the entire space of it. He peered inisde the open bag, feeling through it for a few moments before producing a dildo. The rubber shaft was black and had to be about eight inches and it was quite thick. "Use this." He ordered, tossing it to me, which I only just about managed to catch.

Without lube I decided it best to lick the sides of the shalf quickly, the rubber taste filling my senses as I coated it in spit. I worked fast, stopping once I was as satisfied as I was going to be with my rush job. I moved it down to my opening, pushing the end of the spit-slick rubber into me, letting out another gasp as it entered me. I carefully pushed it inside me, the unfamilar toy filling me up, my ass squeezing around the length. It took another minute or so of pushing for me to get the entire shaft buried inside me, but once I did I let out a low groan, the rubber tip brushing my spot.

"Good boy." He leaned forward again and patted my head, combing his fingers through my hair. He paused for a beat, before speaking again in a low voice. "Crawl around the room."

"Yes sir." I nodded, releasing my grip on the base of the dildo to place my palm flat on the floor. I began to crawl across the floor, biting my lip to swallow the groans I was trying to make. Every movement my legs made caused the dildo to shift within my ass, my stiff dick twitching in arousal. I was certain that I'd shoot just from the crawl alone, though I closed my eyes whenever I was facing away from him and tried to keep myself in check.

It was after my second circuit of the room, well the space between couches, chairs and the tv, that he spoke again. "Stop." Inwardly I let out a sigh of relief, stopping in front of him and inclining my head to look at him. I waited for his instruction, my asshole squeezing around my dildo repeatedly. He was silent and, again, I was unsure if he was genuinely thinking or not. The silence seemed to stretch out for a bit before he let out a low growl and he looked in the bag again. "Put this on." He threw a small ring at me, which I instantly knew was a cock ring. Slipping it between my legs, I secured it to the base of my erection, groaning softly. I was thankful for it, since it meant I wouldn't need to exercise self control.

"Good boy." He patted my head again, his tongue wetting his lips. That was followed by another silence, his eyes roaming over my body. His right hand shifted to his crotch, his two middle fingers grasping the fly and dragging the metal down slowly. I gazed at him intently with hungry eyes, my mouth watering slightly as he freed his cock, obviously having forgone underwear. It was thick, with a girth similar to that of the dildo buried inside me. The length was roughly the same too, though it was hard to judge properly. The head was glistening with precum, the shaft bobbing a little in arousal. Fuck, I wanted it so bad.

I almost begged for it, but recalled his command of silence so I kept quiet. He stepped out of the chair, shaking his hips a little so the pants dropped to his ankles. "Turn around." I did as I was told, hearing him step closer towards me, until the head of his dick pressed against my ass cheeks. My breath hitched in my throat slightly, his hands caressing my cheeks. He grasped the end of the dildo in his hand, twisting it inside me. I bit my lip hard, barely managing to hold the groan back that the movement caused. With no warning, he yanked the rubber length frrom my body, casting it aside as soon as it was out of me. I heard it bounce off something, likely the back of a chair or sofa, before landing. His hands settled on my cheeks, pulling both apart as far as they could go. He spat at my hole, his saliva joining what was left of my own. "Do you want it?" He whisperred above me, rubbing his dick along my cleft.

"Yes, so much." I groaned, resting my head against the floor. "I need your big dick fucking me hard. Please..."

He chuckled softly, then growled once again, the growl being the only form of warning as he thrust hard into me. I couldn't help but groan, but he didn't seem to care, his cock filling me completely. Another growl escaped him and he began to thrust in and out of me, his head catching my spot every time. His hands didn't remain on my ass for long once he started going and they soon began exploring my body. He tweaked both of my nipples between his fingers and thumb, pinching them hard enough to make me moan and squirm. They shifted down, his blunt nails scraping along my skin on it's journey.

He stopped at my cock, running a finger along my aching shaft. I jerked my hips and heard him laugh above me at my desperation. "Soon." He whispered, trailing his finger back down, circling it around the rubber cock ring. I shivered at his touch his hand enclosing around my balls, squeezing the soft flesh as his own slapped against my ass. His other hand gripped onto my side, using it for leverage as he slammed in and out of my body with increasing speed.

I buried my fingers into the dark carpet, not knowing what else I could do with them. Normally in this situation I'd be stroking myself but now... well, it would be pointless. And I had a feeling he'd bat my hands away if I tried. He kept squeezing my balls, though not so hard that it caused me any real pain. I was sure if he put his mind to it he could cause me proper pain and the thought made my cock ache even more.

He growled above me, his thrusts becoming slightly more erratic and wild. Sensing that he was close, I increased the pace of my clenching around him, gasping as his nails dug into my side. "Shit..." He growled again and I felt him release, hot and wet up my ass. "Fuck..." He stayed still for a mere handful of seconds, before he took a step back and slipped out of me. I whimpered as he did, feeling empty at the sudden loss of him. He chuckled softly and moved away from me, replacing his dick with something else. It wasn't long enough to be the dildo and from the flayed end I realised it could only be a plug. I groaned, but said nothing.

He shifted until he stood before me, threaading his fingers into my hair and yanking it up, causing me to tilt my neck as my back straightened. He wiped his slick, sticky cock over my face, a smirk on his face. "Mmm you're a good fuck pet." He rubbed my balls with his foot, smiling as I groaned. "I think you've deserved the chance to cum. Take the ring off." I nodded eagerly and reached down between my legs, sliding the ring off my cock with surprising difficulty. "Now jerk off."

I nodded more eager then before, his hand releasing my head as I reached down and stroked my dick rapidly. Between the plug in me, the hot guy in froont of me and being freshly fucked, I knew I wouldn't last long. However, something unexpected happened after I allowed my eyes to lid. I felt something wet land on my face, though new instantly it wasn't cum. There was just too much of it and it was so warm. The scent filled my senses and made my dick twitch, The fluid making my hair stick to my head and slicing down my chest. I felt him purposely aim the spray towards my cock, covering it and my hand in his hot piss. I'd never been so turned on in my life. It only took a few more strokes of my my now slick dick before I came across my belly, letting out a low cry. "Sir..."

My reward for opening my mouth was having the remainder of his piss wiped across my lips, my tongue darting out to taste the droplets. It was salty, slightly more so then cum, but I quite liked it, even though it did make my mouth a little dry. When I finally opened my eyes, he was back in his chair, reclining back and panting. When he saw my gaze on him, he spoke up, his tongue wetting his full lips. "If you want you may go, or you can stay." He paused for a moment, leaning closer to me. "If you decide to stay, put the ring back on that sweet little cock of yours."

I considered for a moment, as he reclined back to wait for my answer. It wasn't that hard to decide really. I picked up the ring and slipped it onto my semi-hard cock, waiting for his instructions.
Tags: 50kinkyways, alex gaskarth, alex gaskarth/jay james, all time low, bullet for my valentine, fic, jay james, slash
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