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They are saying: Do not go through little door

Ugh, I feel tired and sicky. I'll be going to bed after Ilan's radio interview on some far off Radio station. I want him greased up and yay he likes Star Wars/dinosaurs and yay his voice is so cutes! His brother also produced his stuff. I wonder if he's the one with mad curls too...

Last night's Merlin, was eh. Probably the worst of them I think. There were only two good bits: when Merlin was walking with the dress and Arthur was like '...whatever you do in your own time' (clearly he went to his room and thought of him in a dress) and the second was the end where Arthur was all cute. Awww.

Today started eh cause mum woke up the wrong side of the bed so was moody, but lunchtime after was pretty good. Since I've given up on seeing Blessthefall (next tour, when I know the songs better, I'll go see them, yep) I went to Co-Op and got two cheap bug magazines (bugs FTW!) and the new Nintendo magazine (Shiny. Link. Woo!).

Getting the magazine was a good choice cause it had three reviews I wanted to read (Spirit Tracks, Darkside Chronicles, Rabbids Go Home) and something bout Silent Hill. There was a subscription offer to get Rabbids free and I mentioned it to mum in passing... so she decided to let me order it. Was she replaced by a clone while I was out?

Then we watched Coraline (it took about 4 attempts to get the damn dvd player to work and even then it fucked up the end). It was goood. I liked it. It was magical and the other world was both pretty and creepy to begin with.

I escaped from downstairs before the horros of X-Factor though. Woo!

I meant to write yesterday or today, but kinda failed as I went blank. Shall try tomorrow (after doing needed archiving). Gonna try and do Alex fic for asphyxiatide if I can. Or maybe Ilan porn.

Speaking of Ilan (again) I'd like it with him, Austin from Black Tide and Ray were all in the same room. Would the concentration of that much made curly hair end the world? Or would it result in very hot sex?

Yesterday Mikeysaur went to The Blackout's signing in London. He got the LP signed for me, yay! And Sean did a Triforce with his signature! A very definite, unmistakable triforce. Therefore, he instantly becomes even more awesome. (Just like Matt N from BMTH who has it tattooed on him.)

Speaking (sorta) or tattoos and Zelda, a Zelda tatt would be second on my ones to get (a Star Wars thing being first, then Zelda, the Resident Evil then... it ends the domain of being unordered). But it wouldn't be the triforce. I mean I might get it done and I'd love the inverted one from majora's mask, but I want something more... obscure for my first ones (the Resi one will be the only real obvious one since it'd be the Umbrella Corporation logo). Odd that I have second and third decided, yet can't seem to settle on first.

I need to get an orchid mantis on AC before the week ends. I fail.

AIM hates me. Let's kill it.

I'm not looking forward to tomorrow. Stupid fucking dentist. I dunno if it's good or bad that it's not till 3:30. Still, after that the week is basically free.

I hope The used photopack, The New Regime album and the Tokio Hotel cd turns up. Though I have given up on the latter and downloaded the album.

Gah my foot's gone to sleep! I hate when that happens!

Ok, this post has become entirely random hasn't it? Hmmm.

Random thing: what albums are people looking forward to next year? Oddly the first two of the three four of mine are Welsh. First it's Bullet, then Lostprophets, then The New Regime, then MCR. Again, though, I'm more interested in what happens with Umbrella Academy then MCR. Until I hear a new song anyway

Was that Samuel L Jackson doing a radio ad? WTF?

And wow, musically It's Not The End Of The World was Ilan's idea. You learn new stuffs daily.
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