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Just forget the world

I'm so tired, perhaps because I only had about an hour's sleep last night. I dunno why. I ended up reading my book again at last. I got about 50 pages in, so I hope to finish it soon so I can go onto Death Troopers before the end of the week.

Not done much the past few days. Finished and posted fic. Watched Sarah Jane (nom Luke was just... guhness) and watched most of Children In Need. Yay for Doctor preview, boo for having to wait a month+ to find out what happens! Gah!

I downloaded a demo to the new Pokemon game and I think it's pretty good. I'll get it when I'm able to get a Wii card.

Went to see nan today, she spent all of the time asleep so I read more of my book. The trouble with reading a pre-Clone Wars Star Wars book is that whenever Palpatine's in it I find myself meantally screaming at everyone not to trust him cause he's a Sith. Gah. I wanna read more to it cause it's got good, but I dunno when I will.

I don't get why AP feels he need to airbrush/photoshop the MCR cover. Fools.

Off now to attempt to warm up. Gotta go on AC later, after Voyager. May write something later too.
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