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These Photographs Part 2

These Photographs
Pairing: Jay James/Omar Abidi
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jay
Warnings: None really
Notes: Oddly, this took ages to do annoyingly. Sigh. This is a better pic of Omar with Fightstar.

A few pages into the book from Padge's, there was another page that made me stop. The man here was completely different to Padge, in pretty much every way. He was larger, darker skinned and a bottom. The only similarity was their love of booze.


The bus was empty, blissfully, as we entered. The larger man led me upstairs, stopping only when we were in the back lounge area. Fightstar's bus was cleaner then ours was, though there still were a few beer bottles scattered around. Since being with Padge, the sight of those bottles, especially ones with the longer necks, turned me on. I pressed my lips against Omar's, pushing him against the wall. Although he was larger then I, I knew he wasn't a top. "Mmmm..." He groaned softly against my lips, his hands caressing my sides.

We kissed like that for awhile, my pierced tongue twisting around his warm, wet mouth and we only parted due to our need for air. "You know." I whispered softly, licking along the curve of his jaw. "We should really lose these." I tugged at his t-shirt gently, snaking my tongue against his dark skin.

He nodded in agreement, tugging at my own, but I shook my head and took a step back. "You first." I smiled, removing his tee from his large frame, his arms raising above his head to aid in the removal. Fuck he looked sexy. He didn't really fit the traditional idea of attractiveness, mostly because he was fat. To me, it was strangely erotic, especially with the addition of his dark skin colouring. I tossed his t-shirt away, towards one of the bunks and then began undoing his belt buckle. "So hot..." I whispered against his skin, suckling on a spot on his neck as I undid his jeans, pushing them down those thick legs of his. His plain black boxers soon joined them around his ankles and he stepped out of both, nudging them aside with his foot. The tip of his erection peeked out from under his belly, glistening with precum. I licked my lips lightly, running a finger along the short shaft.

Feeling overdressed, I began removing my own clothing, eager to get as naked as he was. I pulled my sleeveless t-shirt off, making sure to toss it into an empty bunk. I undid my fly, sliding the zipper down in one swift movement, popping the button with my thumb. I pushed the three quarter lengths down my legs to my knees, letting them drop the rest of the way to the floor. Once my boxers joined them I gladly cast both aside. "Now then, I think you should bend over that table." I smiled and nodded towards the back table, which was blissfully devoid of objects.

He shifted over to the table, his ass wiggling with the movement. He bent over the table, so that his ass was facing me, the cheeks large and inviting. I grasped a fleshy cheek in each hand, gently prising them apart to gaze upon his puckered opening. I knelt down behind him, leaning forward to drag my tongue along his cleft. He squirmed a little, letting put a gasp of pleasure. "Ugh... Jay..."

"Hush..." I whispered softly, tracing my tongue around his ring slowly. I heard him release soft sounds from between his lips, but he didn't utter another word. Satisfied, I wiggled my tongue into his body to get a better taste of him. Fuck he tasted good. I circled my soft muscle inside him, gripping his flesh a little tighter as I did so. I thrust my tongue in and out of his hole, purring as I felt his pucker twitch and relax with every movement.

I kept it up for as long as I could, but the need for air caused me to part from him sooner then I'd have liked. I gave his crack a long, lingering lick from behind his balls to the small of his back. "Are you ready for me?" He nodded, his long hair swishing from the motion.

Smiling, I stood up and guided my dick between his cheeks, aiming it for his spit-slick hole. With a quick thrust of my hips, my full length entered him, filling him completely in moments. He groaned low in his throat, his breath hitching as I entered him. Once I was balls deep within him I gave him a few moments to adjust before beginning to move. I pulled out, then slammed into him roughly, digging my nails into his fleshy sides. "So hot..." I mumbled, increasing the speed and force of my thrusts each time I slammed into him.

"Touch yourself." I whispered, wetting my lips as he snaked a hand to his crotch, his thick fingers wrapping around his shaft. I wished I had a better view, but just knowing he was doing it was enough for me now. I bent down over him, extending my tongue to swipe across his left arm. There was something about those arms of his that just made me want to lick them. I'd wanted to do it since I first saw them. I traced circles and long stripes along his sweaty skin, stopping to dip my tongue into his pit.

"Fuck! There Jay..." He groaned and I just knew that meant I'd caught his spot. I blew his hair out of my, then suckled on his neck, slamming hard at the same angle so I hit his spot each time. "Ugh yes..." His deep accent didn't really fit his face, but then again my soft voice didn't fit mine. "Harder..."

I released his neck, straightening up so I could plow him easier, my hands gripping onto his fleshy sides. "You're so hot..." I whispered, though I was certain he wouldn't be able to hear me over the sound of skin slapping against skin and his own moans of arousal. "So, so hot..." I let out a low growl when he clenched around me, his hand clearly moving faster on his stiff cock. "Cum... fuck, cum for me..."

It took a few more moments for him to shoot across his belly, which I sadly didn't see. I only knew he'd came due to ass squeezing rapidly around my length, milking me as he came. The clenching of his already warm, tight insides only served to draw my orgasm out of me, my cock spurting thickly deep inside him. "Shit Omar..."

I stayed within him to ride out my orgasm, slowly slipping out of him. "Mmmm you were so good..." I whispered, sinking back down to my knees behind him, my tongue wiggling along his sweet cleft. It tasted even more of him now, with added sweat and the salty taste of my cum. I darted my tongue back within him, but only briefly this time, content to lap up my cum as it oozed out of him. I kept a small amount of my seed in my mouth, shifting to collect a small amount of his cum from his belly, mixing the flavours in my mouth. He tasted a little more bitter then my cum. I encircled him, kissing him when he finally moved off the table, stroking his hair with my hands. "Thanks." I whispered once our lips parted, the word coming out in a panty breath across his face.

"No, thank you, you were wonderful." I smiled, getting the feeling that he really meant that. He probably didn't get laid as much as he should, which really was a pity. "Could we do this again sometime?" His voice was small, which seemed to confirm my thoughts. I planted a gente kiss on his nose, running my fingers along his rounded belly.

"Oh yes, definitely." I kissed him again, caressing his dark, sweat-slick skin, knowing I'd be true to my word.


Omar Abidi
Dick Size: 3 inches
Top/Bottom: Bottom
Kinks: Being eaten out
Tags: bullet for my valentine, fic, fightstar, jay james, jay james/omar abidi, omar abidi, slash
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