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How much longer must I wait?

Today's been ok, though I fail at doing that Clone Wars review thingy, cause I'm dumb like that.

I found some of the lost figures. About 50-60% of the ones that were lost. They're all on display but the rest being missing annoys me. Also annoying is that the various blasters/missles/lightsabers seem to have gone awol from their owners. Sigh.

Kerrang is ehish it seems. Pete shouldn't have lost his hair. And there's an Oli poster of him on a lightbox looking like a whore. Copying Jay James much?

zombievomit how did yous send the Tokio Hotel album? It's not here yet.

Gonna write now to finish fic. I hopes.

Apparently Nathan Leone likes sucking dick. Or wanking. Or both.

The new Wiiware Pokemon game looks cute and awesome. I think I'll get it.

Anyone have a Wii that isn't online yet? Anyone?

I'm nervous about tomorrow. Fail.

Claire's Xmas pressie is here, so I'm essentially done. The last few bits I'll get in two weeks.

May see Blessthefall at Birmingham, but it's still not 100% just yet.

If you won the lottery what would you do with the money? Here's what I'd do:
*Get all the Star Wars shit I was missing, and a better place to have em all
*Get complete mini sets and a better place to display them
*Get one of those livesize R2-D2's
*Get Bullet/The Blackout/Fightstar/Madina Lake/BMTH etc to do naked photo shoots
*Drag Mikeysaur up here
*Get a fish tank with sea horses
*Get some ink (I'll be getting my first, something Star Warsy, next year)
*Get this
*Other cool and awesome stuff

Also gonna post this early. Anyone that wants a Christmas fic post your requests here. Basically all you need is a pairing and prompt but if it's a pairing or person I've not done, include pics). Ideally you should include two, so I have a choice if I can't figure out one. The fics'll be posted in the run up to Christmas.

Also, if anyone has fic writing skills, they could do me some fic maybe? Pleaseeeeeeeeeee.

Oh, and if you want a Christmas card, message/e-mail me with your address. Oki?
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