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Pairing: Jay James/Gareth Lawerence
Rating: NC-17
Prompt: 46: Writer's choice (amputee fetishism)
POV: Jay
Warnings: Amputees, bondage
Notes: This came from an idea that just wouldn't leave me alone, so here it is.

"When was the last time you got laid?" I let out a heavy sigh at Padge's question, but didn't reply although that answered him just as well as words. "That's it, I'm gonna take you out. I found this place I wanted to take you, I'm sure you'll find someone."

I could have said no, but I knew Padge wouldn't take no for an answer. Bastard. "Fine."


I entered the bar behind Padge, sighing as I saw it wasn't just a regular bar. I felt extremely out of place wearing normal clothes amongst the people that were kitted out in either revealling or near skin tight clothing. Naked men were in cages suspended from the ceiling, shackled to the wall or bent across various items of furniture. Various sounds filled the air, mostly of skin hitting skin and moans of pain and pleasure. "I'm going to kill you." I hissed in his ear, not sure where I should look. I didn't want to make eye contact, lest it be taken as a sign of interest. I did, however, feel eyes on me, perhaps because I was a newcomer.

As Padge led me to the bar I glared at his back. It was obvious he'd been here before. and I wondered if he'd come here because it was a fetish bar or because it had cheap beer. I made a note to get an answer to that when we weren't here. He sat on a stool at the bar and I took up a seat beside him. The bar looked pretty much the same as a regular one, which surprised me just a little. I guess I could try and block out the noises and focus on the various coloured bottles on the wall.

"Jay?" I glanced at Padge as he interrupted my thoughts, setting a bottle in front of me. "What do you think?" I glared at him again, but took a long gulp from the bottle. "I know it's not what you were expecting, but I know you'll find someone here."

"As opposed to a regular bar because?" I asked, raising an eyebrow at the other man.

"Well... because... you know." He gestured to my left side. "You might find someone into that here."

"Thanks Padge." I snorted and took another drink, rolling my eyes at him. "Way to make me feel like a freak."

"You know I don't mean it like that." I waved my hand slightly and just kept drinking my beer. At least I'd get drunk tonight.


I was halfway through my second bottle of beer when Padge vaished with some guy. Thankfully he left enough for a couple more beers, though I was going to call it a night after this one. I didn't feel comfortable just sitting here alone.

"Hey, you here alone?" I turned a little on my stool, nodding slightly. The other man, Welsh from the sounds of it, was bigger then me. He was about a head taller then I was as well as having quite a large, rounded belly. He had shoulder length dark hair with red tips. In short, he was quite attractive and he'd certainly... well, do. "I'm Gareth." He said with a smile, taking Padge's seat.

"I'm Jay." I offered him a smile as he gave me the once over. Like me, he was wearing fairly normal clothes which meant he was fairly out of place here. He wore a pair of jeans and a red checked shirt, unbuttoned just enough to show some skin. He took a drink from his own bottle, smiling and nodding to himself.

"I've not seen you around before. I guess this is your first time here huh?" I nodded slightly, feeling my cheeks flush red. "I still can't believe a pretty little thing like you is alone."

"Well, I came with a friend." I shrugged a little and looked around to see if I could spot him. "But I dunno where he's got to." He nodded a little and he licked his lips a little.

"You look uncomfortable." He reached over and patted my right knee gently. "Perhaps we could go somewhere more... private."

I swallowed at his words, considering for a moment. Well, it was a bit fast, but at least I'd be out of here. "Sure." I replied after another few moments consideration, setting the now empty bottle on the counter. He flashed me a grin and did the same, hopping off his stool and leading me back out the way I'd came. On the way I glanced around, spotting a blonde who had his hands chained to the ceiling and a bald man sitting in the corner with two people kneeling before him. Another guy, with gun tattoos on his hips, was tied to a table with a rubber hood over his head, another guy fucking him mercilessly. Such a strange place.

Once we were some distance away he began talking again. "So, do you mind if I ask something?" I knew what was coming, so I just nodded and waited for it. "How did it happen?"

"Car accident." I replied softly. "Last year." Since there was a chance of him seeing me naked anyway I figured I may as well be upfront. Plus it was usually the next question anyway. "Nothing below my left knee or left elbow." To demonstrate the point, I knocked on my left arm, the sound of the artificial limb's plastic filling the air. Most people were freaked out when they found that out, but I was sure I heard him make a small groan which made me raise an eyebrow.

"Have you been with anyone since it happened?" He asked softly as we kept walking.

"No." I replied with a small shrug. That was a small lie. I'd fooled aorund with Padge sometimes, but it never really led to anything. "I've not really felt up to being with anyone really. Tonight was my first night really... trying. And that was at my friend's insistance."

"Well then, I'll be sure to show you a good time." He gave me a warm smile and turned a corner, leading us towards his place. It was a house which looked nice, if rather plain looking with brick walls that were covered in vines. We walked through the front garden, which was small and simple, with just a few bushes, flowers and a lone tree. The larger man fumbled in his pocket for his keys, his cheeks flushing a little until he removed them. "Here we go..." He smiled, slipping the key in the lock and twisting it until it opened.

Inside was a lot like out, in that it seemed fairly normal and non-descript. The walls were a soft red hue and the floor's carpeting was a simple black. Gareth dropped the keys onto a small table beside the door, then he smiled and kissed me gently, pushing me against the wall. I groaned softly, letting him deepen the kiss, his hands caressing my sides.

"I hope you didn't think that was too forward of me." He whispered against my lips, swiping his tongue over them.

"Not at all." I whispered softly, pressing my lips against his and flicking my pierced tongue across his. Padge was right, I should get laid and he was pretty hot. He pressed his body against mine, wrapping his arms around me. I could feel something press against me and knew that he definitely shared my thoughts.

He lifted me onto his arms, carrying me easily through his house towards his room. I wrapped my leg around him for a better hold on him. He carried me upstairs through to the his bedroom, where he settled me upon the bed. "Let's see you naked..." Smiling, he removed my t-shirt, pulling it up and over my head. I bit my lip as it exposed my fake arm, which was basically just a plastic replica of the one I'd lost. I wasn't able to afford one of those fancy ones with all the electronics and shit in, the best I had was a grabber one at home, but that just made me feel less human so I rarely used it. "Let's get that thing off you." He reached down and undid it's fastenings, freeing it from my body at settling it on the floor. He took over to remove my jeans, undoing the zipper and popping open the top button, his hand pressing gently against my concealled length. Before the accident I'd preferred to wear three quarter lengths, but now I just wore jeans to hid my plastic lower leg.

He pushed the denim down, kissing me hungrily as he did so. I felt even more shy about the leg then my arm. He parted from me slightly, shifting to remove my trainers, jeans and boxers, dropping them on the floor. Like my arm, my leg was pretty plain, but then it didn't need to have any joints or anything. He freed it from my body, placing it on the floor with the same care he'd shown to my arm. "There, you look... so beautiful." He gazed over me in wonder, unbuttoning his shirt slowly. I blushed at his words, reaching down between my legs to palm at my dick.

I wet my lips lightly, staring up at him as he slide the shirt off, dropping it to the floor. He unbuckled his belt, then set it on the bed before undoing his jeans and letting them fall. He hadn't bothered with underwear, probably for the best due to his size. "Fuck..." I whispered softly, impressed by his length. He was obviously aware of it as he smirked and sat between my legs. "Do you want me to fuck you sexy?"

I nodded wildly, my cock hard and desperate. He reached for the bedside table, grasping the tube of lube he found there and set it down on the bed. "First I want to taste your sweet looking arse." He shifted my right leg aside, leaning down to run his tongue across my stump. I let out a soft groan at the feeling, surprised at how it felt... oddly erotic. He circled his soft muscle only a little more over it, before he moved it up along my thigh, lapping at my cleft. I gasped, clutching at the sheets as his tongue delved deeper, pressing his tongue against my opening.

"Oh..." I purred, rocking my hips up slightly, his tongue working in and out steadily, stopping every so often to lick around my ring. He was so fucking amazing at that. When he stopped, I actually let out a whimper at the loss but that was soon replaced by a moan as he steadily pushed his thick middle finger into me. "Shit..." I rocked up, clenching around him a little, my ass a little tight. Since I hadn't been fucked in about a year, I'd only had a few things up my ass since then. A few fingers, a dildo, Padge's tongue but those felt nothing like him now. I groaned as his finger curled up, seeking my spot and making me release a loud moan when he found it. I couldn't help but stroke my aching dick, locking eyes with him. He was back at my leg stump, licking around it which just turned me on more.

His finger retreated so that just the tip remained within me, then he pushed his second within me. "Shit Gareth..."

He stopped licking and looked up at me, a wide smile on his face. "Everyone calls me Snoz." I nodded little making sure to both keep that in mind and ask about it later. He grasped my hand with his free, pulling it off my cock. "Put it above your head." He whispered and I did as I was told, watching him sit up and restrain my wrist to the bedposts with his belt. "Mmm there we go..." he nodded slightly, licking his lips as he removed his fingers from me. "All ready for me."

He planted a hand on each of my thighs, pulling them apart nice and wide. He mounted the bed properly, rubbing his cock head against my openeing for a few moments before pushing it inside me steadily. His nails dug into my thighs when he thrust hard into me. "Fuck you feel so good, so fucking tight." He leaned down, licking my arm stump in the same way he'd done to my leg, making me moan out loud. It felt even better then the leg licking had for some reason.

"Snoz you're fucking amazing!" I gasped out loud, his hips pounding hard and rough into my ass. I tested the restraint, needing contact on my dick, but the belt held fast. As if sensing it, he reached up and grasped my dick, stroking it in a firm, steady grip. "Thank you Snoz... ohhh..."

He grinned and shifted, licking along the inked skin of my arm, licking along my hairy armpit. His tongue wiggled around in slow circles, wetting my curly hair. Everything he did seemed to turn me on even more, making my cock throb in his hand. "Shit... fuck... Snoz...." I groaned out loudly in pleasure, climaxing across my belly perhaps a little too early but everything was just too much.

"So hot..." He whispered against me, running his finger through the cum on my stomach, bringing it to his lips to suck off. I watched through slightly dazed eyes as he sucked the digit clean, eyes on mine. I clenched around him as best as I could, wanting him to get off too. "So beautiful... the only way you could be better is if..." He never finished that thought, though he tightened his grip on my right leg. That led me to believe that he meant something to do with my intact leg, though my brain wasn't in the state to work out what.

"Shit..." He pulled out of me quickly, grasping his cock and stroking it just twice before unloading, the jets of pearly white fluid landing across my stump. I smiled and closed my eyes, feeling him pant as he swiped it away, using it as an excuse to lap at my skin, but I wasn't complaining. His hands released my one and he laid down beside me, kissing me to let me taste the mixture of our fluids. "You're so hot Jay, I really hope we'll do this again."

"You can count on it Snoz." I smiled, kissing his cheek and stroking his side with my hand. Oh yeah, I definitely would come back for more.
Tags: 50kinkyways, bullet for my valentine, fic, gareth lawerence, gareth lawerence/jay james, jay james, slash, the blackout
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