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Because they're all idiots

Now it's time for Saturday's geek post.

Sarah Jane was good. Not the best one of the series, but it was good. In no small part due to Luke being in schoolboy mode for the whole thing. And being angry and nom. I couldn't help but thinking the minerals could've come from the Pyroviles destroyed during Pompeii. Hmmm. Next week's is the last, boo. It looks pretty good though.

Today I managed to watch the Clone Wars film (after three attempts and mum being annoying). Yay! The boxset came today and I plan on watching the first two discs tonight. So I can get to the awesome Lair Of Grievous ep. The boxset looks pretty nice and the concept sketches are interesting and cool, though there's not enough. I like R2's best.

Merlin was good. I liked Morgana and her half-sister's dresses and Arthur's fall amused me. Morgan's half sister clear=the Nimueh of season 2. I was kinda rooting for Arthur to kill Uther though, but no, he let him live and now Arthur hates magic too. Nice one Merlin, you div. Although it's nice to see Arthur bent over and stuff. Also wet Arthur and wet Merlin are hot (though were the horses oddly dry or was it just me?).(It amuses me that the dragon's credited despite not being in it.)

Now to the non-geeky part of the post.

Mum's being annoying today, and she's looking at new tvs. I guess it's cause the freeview box down there is shit and they're HD ready but still.

I have a clue as to where my figures are. I just gotta find it. Apparently a large number ended up in a Star Wars box so I'm gonna find that. I think there's one near the window. Mission tomorrow: find it.

I'm considering going to the Blessthefall gig again, despite it being a day or so early. I'm gonna ask mum bout ordering the ticket online so I has it and don't have to worry about it.

Watched the 3rd series of The Catherine Tate Show since it came today. I hadn't seen it before, so clearly Dave haven't been playing it.

I'm currently finishing fic. It's gonna be Jay/Snoz from The Blackout and should be finished tonight. I hope anyway.

On to watching The Clone Wars. Hope to do the first two discs today so tomorrow's uncharted territory for me. Also gonna icon tomorrow and may cap the Lair Of Grievous ep later, cause Kit's hot in it.
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