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Watching Them

Watching Them
Pairing: James Davies/Oli Sykes/Rhys Lewis
Rating: NC-17
POV: James
Warnings: Boobed!Oli, boobed!Rhys, bondage
Notes: For my Mikeysaur antontobias86 who also did the manips. Happy birthday!

It was quite a sight, one that I could never get tired of. The pair of them were on my bed, bodies pressed together. Their breasts rubbed against one another, Oli's inked skin being a sharp contrast to Rhys' paleness. Their lips were pressed against each other, engaged in a sloppy wet kiss. "That's it..." I whispered softly, dragging my fist steadily along my stiff cock.

"Do you want us to fuck?" Rhys asked, his voice slightly breathless from the kissing. His dick was hard and rubbing against Oli's. Oli's was tiny by comparison, though that didn't take much. Oli wasn't exactly well endowed, in fact it was not much more then an oversized clit, though he made up for that shortcoming with his breasts, which were more then ample.

"Yeah." I grunted, my dick twitching at the mere thought. Rhys nodded and removed the dildo from Oli's ass, setting it onto the bed beside them. Rhys smiled, rolling Oli onto his belly, his tits pressing against the sheets. He grabbed Oli's hands and a pair of handcuffs, snapping the silver around his wrists. Oli wiggled a little, his muscles flexing slightly beneath his inked skin, but it was just to get a little more comfortable.

After giving me a quick glance, Rhys guided his cock towards Oli's hole, rubbing the tip against the opening. The boy quivered slightly at that sensation, pressing his hips against the bed and balling his hands into fists. Everything seemed to slow down for a few seconds, until Rhys slammed his hips forward to bury his cock inside the boy beneath him. Oli cried out loudly, most likely in pleasure. He was such a fucking slut. Both of them were. I groaned loudly, steadily wanking to the beautiful sight before me. Rhys tits swayed as he moved in and out of Oli's ass, his own clenching and squirming slightly. Rhys' hands were on Oli's breasts, alternating between just holding them and squeezing them roughly.

I released my cock, spitting into my hand before resuming my strokes. It was always so fucking hot to watch them fuck. Alright, so Oli had only been the fucker once and that just made me laugh at the sight. He was probably the only guy that required a strap-on to properly penetrate someone. Although that had been pretty hot. I growled, wanking myself slightly faster. Rhys was pounding into him nice and hard, kneading his breasts roughly as he did so.

Now I had to decide something fairly quickly, and that was where I was going to cum. I knew I wasn't going to spill across my belly, so that left me with a number of options. In their current position I could cum down either of their throats, or across their faces, over Rhys' tits or up his arse. I gazed at Rhys' ass as I stood up, deciding that would probably be the best and easiest place. After all, his hole was still going to be wet from when Oli ate him out. I held the boy's ass, whispering softly. "Don't stop."

Rhys nodded and kept thrusting into the other boy. "Yes master." He groaned and I slammed into his ass, roughly pounding him mercilessly without giving him even a moment to adjust. Every thrust I made caused Rhys to slam hard into Oli's body, which meant he lost control completely in moments. I pushed him down, so that he bent at the waist across Oli's pretty back, crushing his tits against it. "Harder... harder..." He moaned breathlessly, his lips latching onto Oli's neck, sucking on the inked skin.

"Such a pair of little sluts." I groaned, slamming into his sexy, clenching ass. The only sounds that filled the air now were the noises of skin slapping against skin and shaky intakes of breath from the three of us.

There was, of course, two problems with this position. The first was that I couldn't see Oli's dick, so I had no idea when he came. His tattoos looked so much better with cum on them, that's why I often puled out when I fucked him to spray over them. The second problem was the domino effect that was common due to this position. One of us would cum and then the other two would quickly follow. Although I had no idea if Oli had came this time, I did know when Rhys did. He often came silently and this was no exception. If he hadn't tipped his head back and started clenching around me like crazy I wouldn't have been any the wiser.

I held Rhys' tits tightly, gripping the soft, heavy mounds with both hands as I thrust a few last times. I growled low in my throat, shooting my thick load deep within him. Steadily I pulled out of his ass, rubbing it across both of his sweet cheeks. "So, so hot... my fucking hot sluts." I murmered, laying down beside them.

"I'm glad you enjoyed it master." Oli whispered, curling against my side as soon as Rhys pulled out, his tongue licking along Oli's sweet cleft. He gasped a little at the intrusion, his stomach glistening from the cum he'd shot across it.

"Of course I did." I smiled, kissing his forehead and waiting for Rhys to leave Oli's ass and take up his position. "Now let's see what's on." I grasped the remote from the bedside table and turned on the tv, flicking through the channels to find something that didn't require our full attention, then cuddled the pair of them. Mine.
Tags: bring me the horizon, fic, james davies, james davies/oli sykes/rhys lewis, oli sykes, rhys lewis, slash, the blackout
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