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Keep it secret, keep it safe

So far one thing is done from to-do list, and that was fic finished yesterday. Yay! On the rest, I've failed though. I also failed on watching Defying Gravity's repeat (and Wii net won't work with the iplayer bah! So I have to watch it on here at some point).

Today's been okish so far. Apart from no mail which is annoying. I'm starting to wonder if Humanoid's lost in the post. Sucky.

After watching Gilmore Girls (which I've started getting into after accidentally catching an ep cause it's amusing) I went to get Kerrang. They had no figs, boo, so I got Kerrang, Pepsi, Radio Times and a pack of Doctor card (with only one new card in, but better then none).

Apart from that I've been looking beside the bed for stuff which has dropped down there. There's a lightsaber, the remote and other things missing down there so I'm looking for them.

I got the Catherine Tate show Christmas special yesterday, but it fails at playing on the dvd player. I've gotta test it on the comp. Damnit.

Gah my ear plug has gone. I wish I knew where it was.

I've finally found a Pandorum download. I've wanted to see that film for awhile now, but I missed it so... I'll see it soon. Yay! Then I'll delete it and keep a lookout for The Fourth Kind cause I know I'll miss that too.

It's Saur's birthday tomorrow, so I'm working on a fic for him later, to post tonight/tomorrow. I've not sttarted it yet, but will soon.

Can it be Sunday now for Who?

Damn FP for having an instore Doctor Who sale this weekend.

Gonna try and start reading later (gotta finish that book asap). And do more on Final Fantasy. The part I'm on now is very frustrating.

I'm sure I had another thing to ramble about, but alas, I can't recall it right now. But oh, gotta listen to Radio 1 tonight for Lostprophets. Yay! Though I'm sure it'll just be Ian talking. On and on and on.
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