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Pairing: Bert Mccracken/Jay James/Sean Smith
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jay
Prompt: 33: Age Play
Warnings: Infantilism
Notes: It was gonna imply/mention scat/watersports but I never did. This is mostly inspired by ginsygee.

"Jay? Jay wake up!" I groaned softly as I stirred at his words, my eyes blinking open slightly to gaze at the man that sat up in bed beside me. His hair stuck to his bare shoulders and framed the sides of his face. He smiled down at me, though I could tell he was just as tired as I was as I forced myself to sit up. "I think he's crying."

I rubbed my eyes with my fists, listening out for the soft snuffling sound. "Ok, I'll check on him..." I mumbled sleepily, sighing as I slipped out of bed. I padded through the darkness, walking through to the small bedroom beside ours. Set up along one wall was a crib, which was at least twice the size of a normal one. We'd custom built it to accomodate him. I walked over to it, gazing down into it at the form within.

Large eyes met mine and arms reached up for me. I couldn't help but smile at how adorable he was. The boy within the crib wasn't a child, but a teenage boy, with bleached blonde hair and adorable eyes. A sheet covered his body, concealling his pale skin from my gaze. "Mmmm what is it little one?" He pointed through the bars and I smiled, lifting up his cuddly sheep toy and waving it above him. His arms reached for it and, with a smile, I set it on his chest and kissed his cheek. "Sleep well sweetie."

I returned to my lover, laying down beside him with a smile. "His toy had slipped through the bars again." Bert nodded and wrapped his limbs around me and, together, we drifted to sleep.


I stood in the doorway to Sean's room, watching him sleep. He looked so adorable as he slept, sucking on his thumb gently. Sean was the result of Bert wanting some form of child, though we were obviously unable to do it ourselves. After considering for awhile, Bert recalled something he'd read online about infantilism. I'd thought about it before finally agreeing to it. Sean was the end result of our search.

I smiled as he squirmed in the sheets, rolling onto his side and curling up. He was so adorable. I was tempted to kiss his forehead, though I didn't want to wake him. Smiling, I headed back to Bert.


"Ugh..." I groaned softly as Bert eased his fingers inside me, lifting my hips up off the sheets. "Bert..." I whimpered, but the sound was quickly swallowed by his eager mouth, hot and hungry against mine. My hands released their grip on the sheets to latch onto his body, the fingers of my left holding onto the skin around that ridiculous stick figure tattoo of his. I let out a soft whine when his lips left mine, his body straightening above me and a dirty smirk playing on his lips.

"Mmm gonna fuck you so good baby, gonna make you moan so loud." His tongue snaked out over his lips, the slim digits buried up my ass curving to seek out my spot. My hips jerked up hard as he found it, something he could always do far, far too easily. I squeezed around his fingers, groaning softly.

He shifted them out of me, caressing my thigh with his other hand. "Ready?" I nodded, gasping softly as he guided his stiff cock towards my hole. His dick was much like his fingers, the same sort of length as his middle one and just a little thicker. It easily filled me, my ass swallowing it into my body.

"Shit..." I grunted, his lips latching onto my neck as he began to move steadily. Teeth and tongue attacked my skin, being sure to leave a mark which would be visible for at least a couple of days. There were marks like that all over my body, from my ass to my arms, all in various stages of fading away. His hands kept a grip on my body, holding onto my thighs as I wrapped my legs around him. "Fuck Bert, harder, faster... please..."

He chuckled and left my neck, moving back again to fuck me hard and rough, each thrust catching my spot. My head tipped back against the pillows and all I could do was make soft gasps and a few random Welsh words. I knew that Welsh turned him on, even if it was just a few meaningless words. I could say 'the kitchen sink is broken' and he'd still groan as if I'd said 'sick my dick'. I guess that was the advantage of him not knowing my native tongue more then a few swear words, love and good night.

We had to have been fucking for a good few minutes before I noticed we were being watched. By this point, Bert was stroking my dick with his right hand and caressing the skin around my nipples with his left. Sean was sitting near the door, simultaneously sucking on his thumb and rubbing the crotch of his nappy. "Fuck Sean what have I told you about watching us?"

Bert's head snapped towards the blonde and I knew he'd yell if I didn't stop him, so I clenched my muscles to make sure he couldn't say anything. Sean's thumb left his lips and he whimpered a reply in a small voice. "Not to do it unless you let me."

"That's right Sean." I sighed and looked up at Bert, who had a certain fire in his eyes. I knew he'd have Sean bent over his lap later, the nappy cast aside so he ould spank him until he made the boy's arse red. Which was probably half the reason why he did it. "Come over here." Sean crawled towards us, his movements slightly unsteady, clearly revealing his nerves. Bert released my dick and gripped the boy's blonde locks, pushing his head towards my stiff cock roughly. The boy parted his lips, taking in the pierced mushroom head of my cock, sliding his sweet lips down my shaft to take more of me in. This was normally the position he'd end up if we let him watch. He'd ether be sucking my dick, riding it or eating out Bert's ass.

I tangled a hand with Bert's in his hair, holding him steady as he sucked hard, my hips bucking slightly from Bert's thrusting. "For watching not only will I spank you, but you won't be getting any milk." Bert growled, squeezing the raised area around my nipple to prove his point. Even before we'd decided to have a 'kid' Bert had found out about male lactation and had started to get me to do it. Now the flesh below my nipples was slightly raised from where the milk got produced. It wasn't enough to really be noticeable, not unless you knew it was there to begin with.

My breath hitched slightly and I tilted my head back, shooting down the back of Sean's throat. The boy swallowed it all eagerly, his shaky hands stoking my thigh and stomach while he gulped it all down. I sighed softly in contentment, opening my eyes to gaze up at Bert. He was still thrusting in and out of me with wild abandon, his eyes scrunched up in concentration.

I felt him slip out of my hole and move around to my face. He was stroking himself now, his cock slick with sweat and spit from when I'd sucked him before he entered me. He only had to stroke himself three times before he released in streaks across my cheeks and chin, a few drops landing on my lips. I knew he liked it best that way. I swiped my lips with my tongue, smiling at his taste and kept my gaze on him. "You look so beautiful like that Jay." He bent down, licking some of the cum from my cheek. "I love you."

"I know." I whispered softly against him, shifting my hand from Sean's hair to caress Bert's back.

I knew Bert wouldn't stay on me long. After sex he was always strangely wired, while I preferred to jsut remain laying against the sheets, he always felt he had to do something and when his gaze found Sean I knew he'd decided to punish him. He slipped the white gold ring off his left ring finger, just in case he decided to use that hand, and he set it on the bedside table. I sat up on the bed, watching as he stalked towards Seaan, who'd returned to sitting on the floor. "Now, you've been a bad boy Sean...."
Tags: 50kinkyways, bert mccracken, bert mccracken/jay james/sean smith, bullet for my valentine, fic, jay james, sean smith, slash, the blackout, the used
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