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Or something will happen

I really shouldn't be still awake, but I've watched random stuff. Ad now there's a kid's program with a Welsh sounding blue dragon. What kid is up a 4:20 am though? Seriously.

Anyway. Today's been slow, so here's a random to-do list for this week:
*Read a chapter of Cloak Of Deception daily, so I can get to Death Troopers
*Finish the re-read of Umbrella Academy
*Go on AC daily
*Fic 1: Bert/Jay/Sean
*Fic 2: fic from Saur's bday
*Fic 2: Jay fic
*Fic 3: These Photographs part 2
*Go in Co-op and ask bout figs (gonna try tomorrow)
*Get bit of money out of post
*Watch The Clone Wars film
*Squee over Sarah Jane/Merlin/especially Doctor Who
*Sort icons
*Find tv remote
*Find other lost stuffs
*Go through porn
*Sort out rp
*Other shit that I'm blanking on
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