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You are my mountain, you are my sea

So since the last post, things have been iffy.

First, when mum came back on Saturday she decided to have this massive fight. Yep, she's gone all day without telling me where she's gone and she has a go at me about stupid little things that could've waited till Mikey was gone. I'm sick of it. The fight scared the poor saur and still hate mum for it. Cunt.

Then we curled up on bed and watched stuff. That was nice.

Sadly, saur went yesterday. Bah. It always sucks. I don't really register it right away. This morning I saw that the bed was empty and got sad.

Last night mum had a go again, then seemed to calm down but then this morning rolled along and it's all bitch bitch bitch. I just wish she'd shut the fuck up and listen to what I tell her. She never does. She has a go at me for doing things that I don't know need doing or stuff that she knows I can't do well or think is pointless (eg: I'm not gonna fill a bowl with water to wash up just for a plate and a tray bitch). Bah.

So yeah.

The only half-decent thing she did was get a skeleton outfit when she went out (yeah it's a kiddie one but it's comfy... well the bottom's are) but that's it.


The last ep of Trinity was last night. It was good, I hope there's a second series.

The Bullet calendar finally arrived today. Nom! Let's skip to January, May, June, August, September or November. Nommy. And awww, does anyone have the shoot of Bullet in those wigs? Jay looks adorable in his purple one. And hot.

Another plea, this time for caps from The Bird And The Worm. Of the two Berts.

And, as always, the general plea for Jay porn continues. I could really, really use some. Feederism, amputes, cannobalism, necro, nullification, BDSM, cbt, scat, bestiality, I don't really care...

Also sea dragons are perdy.

Now to snug in bed and watch tv. I may go later to get the last bit of money out, but it seems too cold for that. Also gotta take pics for pic post, but I'll need the memory card first. May also start fic for saur if I get ideas. Oh and yeah, still downloading porno.
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