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Come to your senses!

So between the last post and now we haven't done too much.

We went to Cannock and I got a new cuddly unihorn friend and, well, food. Cause Cannock sucks with figs and stuff.

Oddly Co-op now has Star Wars figs. WTF? Has the world gone mad? It's pretty cool though. I may get one. There's a Clone that they had called Matchstick (which wasn't there today boo) and he looks like Bob from The Blackout.

Yesterday was pretty uneventful, though I did finish fic then and posted it. Yay! Go read or I poke you. Shall do another one soon.

Apparently here is a UFO hotspot, which I've only realised after those lights last week. Now similar lights have been seen here in a similar formation for months, even years. Why would they come here.

Sarah Jane this week was so creepy and good. I loved it. Though why no Luke? Bah. Least next weeks has schoolboy!Luke in it. Nom nom nom.

Merlin today was good, but sad. Good job Witchfinder died. I hope it serves as a wake up call for Uther. And yay for Athur grabbing Merlin and being forceful again. Nommage.

After that there was a trailer for next weeks Doctor Who. Fuck it looks so awesome! I can't wait! Seriously.

Considering next week's The Blackout signing. Mum's said she might take me, but then she went funny at me last night. Bah. She seems ok when we last spoke but she's a pain.

I wish the mouse would work. Stupid thing.

Maybe do a pic post tomorrow or Monday. I wish saur would stay. Stupid saur. Stupid saur's guitar.

Watching the second Karate Kid film now.
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