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These Photographs

These Photographs
Pairing: Jay James/Padge
Rating: NC-17
POV: Jay
Warnings: Bottle insertion
Notes: This was meant to have three pairings in it, but Padge's ended up being so long... so, this will be at least a three parter. Perhaps more. I wish there was a better pic of early years angry lesbian Jay but alas, I fail at finding. Also, I'd wanted to include this in the kinkyways thing but it's not sadly. Maybe next part. And yeah, this is the idea I mentioned a few posts back.


Beneath my bunk was a book, a book even the others didn't know about. It was a scrapbook of sorts, with pictures on most of the pages. It was really a record of my conquests. Each page was a person. There were usually about two pictures of the person, sometimes more. One was a normal face shot, which the other was of their dick. Alongside the pics were details about them: name, band, kinks, top/bottom, dick size. Stuff like that.

The first pages were my bandmates, with Padge being the first of the three. Smiling, I ran my fingertips across the page, closing my eyes and remembering our first time.


The older male pushed me against the studio wall, his hands roaming my sides as he kissed me roughly. It had caught me a little by surprise, but now I was just... going with it. I could feel his hardness as his crotch ground against my own. His hand fisted in the gelled spikes of my hair, tipping my head back so my neck was exposed for him to attack with lips, teeth and tongue.

I fumbled with his fly, popping the button and sliding down the zip as best I could. I could feel his cock throbbing beneath the material of his three quarter lengths. "You looked so sexy when you growled." He mumbled against my wet skin, my fingers wrapping around his shaft and tugging it out the opening. He felt pretty big, which didn't really surprise me. Smiling, I stroked him slowly as he grazed my neck with his teeth. "Mmmm fuck... I wanna fuck you." He paused for a few moments, no doubt to give me chance to object. When I responded with a soft groan, he continued, using his free hand to tug my own three quarters off. His fingers brushed against my bulge as he tried to accomplished his task.

It took him several failed attempts, mostly as he was more focussed on my neck and grinding into my hand, but he finally got the offending item down. Gravity took over once they were passed my thighs and soon my three quarters were pooled around my ankles, to be cast aside by my foot. "Mmmm..." He stroked my hairy thighs, parting from my neck to gaze down between my legs. His tongue snaked out between his lips, obviously meaning he liked what he saw. He paused for a moment, then licked along the curve of my chin. "You have been fucked before right?"

I chuckled softly, running a hand along his side, using the other to stroke him steadily. It hadn't been the first time I'd gotten that question from a guy that was about to screw me. "If you want to fuck me, you can." I whispered in my soft voice, raising a pair of my fingers to my lips and sucking the digits into my mouth. I locked eyes with his, sucking gently on them and making sure to put on enough of a show to get him worked up.

"Fuck..." Padge groaned and nodded slightly, a renewed eagerness filling his dark eyes. I slipped them from my mouth after wetting them a little more, crashing my lips against his. His tongue pushed inside my mouth soft and wet and letting me taste him for the first time. Predictably he tasted of a mix the cheap beer he'd had earlier, cigarettes and the lingering taste that was him. My own tongue encirled his, my stud pressing against his tongue, letting him take control.

My wet fingers shifted down to the cleft of my arse and I pushed them between my cheeks, seeking the pucker of my hole. I rubbed them against it for a few moments, before working my middle finger into my body. I groaned against his lips at the feeling and he shifted back to see why. "Holy shit..." Smirking, I let out a slightly exaggerated moan and slid my finger out almost all the way, pressing my other finger against it. I worked both of them inside me, letting out a low growl and tipping my head back just a little. Padge had taken over stroking himself, dragging his fingers along his length so as not to spill too soon.

I turned slightly so my back was to him, allowing him to get a better view of my fingers thrusting into my heat. "Fuck me." I whispered, removing them from my body after opening me up a little more and twisting my head back so I could watch. Padge wasn't the kind of guy that need to be told such things twice. He held the base of his erection, guiding it to my entrance and with a quick snap of his hips, he entered me. I groaned out loud, turning to face the wall and resting my forehead against it.

"Fuck you have a such a nice, tight arse." I nodded as best I could and smiled a little. Yeah, I'd heard that before too. I clenched around him, releasing my own moan as he groaned next to my ear. His lips reattached to my neck and he began to thrust in and out of my body. His pace was fairly steady, though I had a feeling he was holding back. Both of his hands were now on my body, gripping onto wherever they could. Currently they were holding onto my sides, with his left slightly closer to my waist. "Growl for me." He practically purred against my ear, shifting to lick at the opposite side of my neck, his thrusts speeding up even more.

I growled low in my throat, bracing myself against the wall with my left hand. The fingers of my right were now between my lips, specifically the ones that had been up my ass. I purred softly at the taste, wondering how his arse would taste. I bet it tasted good. I groaned at the thought, clenching my muscles around his stiff shaft. He was now full on ramming into me, his full balls slapping against my cheeks. I removed the fingers from my mouth and took ahold of my aching dick, wanking myself as quickly as I was able.

"So hot." He whispered against my ear, his voice slightly husky and punctuated by low groans and a thrust of his hips. For a brief moment I wondered if the others would hear, but I was fairly sure I didn't care. In fact, the thought of them listening to us fuck was a huge turn on. I clenched around him, increasing the speed of my fingers around my dick. His tongue circled around my ear lobe, the soft muscle playing with my plug as he did so. I groaned softly and growled low in my throat as he slammed against my spot.

"I... I'm getting close." He grunted and slammed into me once more, his teeth grazing the curve of my neck. "I think I won't cum in you..." I groaned as he pulled out from me, his hands seperating from my body. His right returned to my hair, my spikes slightly wilted now, and he pushed me down, until I was on my knees facing the wall. I expected him to turn me around, shove his thick, slick cock into my mouth and release down my throat. However, this didn't happen.

He fumbled behind me and I felt something cool against my ass. I groaned as he pushed it into me and I soon realised it was the neck of one of the beer bottles he'd been drinking earlier. Next he forced up my t-shirt, stopping only when it was pulled up to my neck. "Take it off." He grunted and I could hear him jerking himself. Smiling, I released my cock, removed my tee as quickly as I could and I cast it aside. As soon as it hit the ground I was back to wanking again. "Fuck, I've wanted to do this ever since I saw it." He groaned and I couldn't quite work out what he meant. A few seconds past and he came, covering my upper back in his seed.
"Fuck yeah!"

I rested my head against the wall, stroking myself in a furious blur. I growled softly, my eyes lidded and sweat rolling down my arms. I could feel him rub his head across my skin, staining it with the remainder of his cum. Padge was making the bottle move within me, though it wasn't proper movement, more like making the bottle jerk slightly within my body. "Shit..." I hissed, it wasn't quite as good as his cock, but it was certainly working pretty well. I came across the studio floor, growling loudly as I did so.

"That was fucking hot." I turned my head, smiling when I opened his eyes to see Padge grin, palming his softening dick. "Really." I nodded and stood up, a little shaky on my feet from the orgasm. "That lizard of yours looks even better with cum all over it." He chuckled and kissed my cheek, then headed towards his clothing.

I removed the bottle as I watched him, my eyes glued to his sexy, hairy arse. Next time, and I knew there would be a next time, I'd have my tongue deep between those cheeks. I set the bottle on the floor, beside me, then began finding my own clothing.


Michael 'Padge' Paget
Bullet For My Valentine
Dick Size: 9 inches
Top/Bottom: Mostly top
Kinks: Using bottles
Tags: bullet for my valentine, fic, jay james, jay james/padge, padge, slash
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