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South America: It's like America, but it's South

So after that post we went out. I got Kerrang from the Co-Op (it's not special really, but some of the posters are ok and Oli's spread his legs... the fucking slut). We then managed to get to Sainsburys, which turned out to be a bitch because of where it was. Also, they had half price toys and the Star Wars stuff was nothing I wanted or I had iit. Bastards.

Then there was the dentists. Joy. We waited for what seemed like ages and then I had my teeth numbed (with fucking needles! WHO WANTS NEEDLES IN THEIR FUCKING MOUTH?!) and had to wait for awhile before going in. Ugh. It was annoying and he was rough again. Arse. I don't like him. And I have to go back in two weeks which is shit. Bah! I don't want fucking needles in my mouth again! I guess once it's done I won't have to see him for ever months but still.

If it wasn't for the figures I'm getting out of it I wouldn't have gone. Bah!

So my mouth stayed numb for about 3 hours after it, which sucks cause... overkill much? We watched The Simpsons and then I put on The Used's dvd. Hi Jepha's balls! Hi pretty Dan! Hi pretty blonde Quinn in a fucking straightjacket! And why is there no a: serial killer Bert fic and b: something based on the bit in The Bird And The Worm with the two Berts? If there is, link me! Two Berts is hot and I may do it if no one else has had the fucking brains to.

I'll probably watch it again at some point. Cause you can never see Jepha Howard in drag too many times. After all, we're not all Dan Whitesides, we can't all have a personal show whenever we want.

After that I watched Trinity (next weeks is the last? Boo) and True Blood (which was good until the end which made me sad. She was awesome damnit!). Since I was alone (since Mikey didn't wanna watch, I guess he was sick of playing doctor and he no likes those things) I did a bit of fic and I may have it finished by tomorrow.

I hate Blessthefall's gig for being a week earlier then I thought which means I can't go. Bah! Stupid money going in the day after.

The other day we finished Paranormal Activity, which was pretty creepy in parts but not as scary as people make out in the ads.

Anyway, we got settled and we watched Up. Fuck, it's such a sad sad film. I cried. Especially in the start, cause it's so sad. Damn film. Why did no one say it was so sad? It was good, but it was sad at the same time. I want a baby Kevin! And a baby Dug! And to give Carl a hug!

Anyway, now we're gonna... I dunno. Maybe watch Family Guy? And I gotta find old school!Jay pics to upload. You know, with the spiked up angry lesbian hair? And then sleepytimes. Or fic. And messing with fish.
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