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Send more droids against the Jedi Knight!

What have I been doing since the last post? Downloading as much of the Homoemo porn as stupid fucking Rapidshare will let me. Woo!

Yesterday we went out to see nan, but first we were due to go to the post depot to pick up the packages. Of course, I forgot that the way there is like a fucking maze and one wrong turn means getting fucking lost like woah. So yeah, we spent about 45 mins trying to get there and ending up lost. After that, we got a few stuff from the shops and then spent some time with nan, which was nice cause it's warm there.

I hate how cold it is outside in general. Coldness sucks! Like woah. Least I won't have to go anywhere after tomorrow.

I've failed at uploading icons, which I'll do at some point. Maybe later or tomorrow.

Same with pictures. I'll do a pic post on Friday I hope.

There's a special version of the next Zelda game, with a tin and figs and I'll be preordering that thanks to mum. Woo!

I've wrote a bit to the fic I was doing. The idea's turned out pretty good, but I feel it may become a series. It was gonna be a standalone, split in three parts but the first part has become kinda long so it's gonna become at least three parts most likely. Yeah, cause I want those three parts done and there might be more. I have a list already set up. It may be done by Friday I think. Depending.

I was expecting today to suck totally, but there's goodness already. The Used dvd came, so I'll watch the later to cheer me up. Also some minis came, yay! Ok, so they weren't the best boxes (I got just over one worth of doubles which I'll show to saur later) but I don't give a fuck because I got got Kit motherfucking Fisto! I said I'd get boxes of that set till I got him and on the second one there he was! Sitting there all hot and green and... tentacled. Guh. Outta the others I got a few I wanted, but not the main ones and the rares were kinda... sucky, but I got Kit so... like I give a fuck. Ironically/amusingly, he was in the box with his picture on the back. Luck much? (If you dunno who Kit is this is him.)

Anyway, yeah I rambled.

So later is the dentist. I've nervous/scared/worried about it. I hate the dentist, they scare me and now I have to have stuff done and that scares me more. Why can't they just knock you out for it?


Beforehand we're going to the Sainsburys and pet place, becuse fuzzy animals help calm me down and make me smiley. And get Kerrang too. Since there's a 30 Seconds poster special, I may e-mail Kerrang begging asking for a Bullet one. And if I open it to find next weeks has a Bullet special I'll squee in glee.

I wish I had favorited my reply from Ian on twitter. I fail for not doing it. Like woah.

That Way picture is... fucking fail. Better save up for that kid's therapy. What with being the child of a gay and a lesbian, being called Bandit and now that? Poor brat.

So, off now. Gonna be going in three hours so send me uber happy thoughts. Please?
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