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I'm an immortal not a gazelle

Yay my saur's not cut in 2 months. How do we celebrate? By uncovering a cache of homoemo porn and downloading it (well, saur did cause he's just that awesome). Guhguhguh!

Things done today/last night, in a bullet point list cause... well I'm lazy:
*Watched League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen. It's not as bad as reviewers seem to think. Dorian Gray was hot.
*Fail Royal Mail, for not ringing the bell/making enough noise for saur, so I'm picking two things up (Humanoid perhaps?) tomorrow
*Suicide Season Cut Up did turn up. It's kinda... okish
*JC went ok, semi-pointless as always. Got a replacement book since I lost mine
*Listened to Blessthefall's album this morn. It's pretty awesome. I hope to see them on their tour.
*Finished with a shitload of icons. May load some tomorrow (at least to writing journal)
*Went to dentist. He was eh and scary and a little too rough. Gotta go back Wednesday for some sort of... work. Ugh. I'm scared! But saur's rewarding me with figs for going so...
*There's a Spirit Tracks tin on Game. Gonna ask mum to preorder it in the morning. Eee! Zelda=< 3

Gonna watch the rest of Paranormal Activity soon. May write something laters. Tomorrow, gonna see nan after picking up packages from the post depot thingy.
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