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We stare at broken clocks

I've been inspired by loud_an_clear to do a post on British bands with vids, so here it is.

Attack! Attack! - This Is A Test
Yeah, I only found this vid today (well, Mikeysaur did but...). They're Welsh and Ryan's perdy. Note nakedness and random Ian.


Bring Me The Horizon - Chelsea Smile
I love this song and I've only seen the vid once. It has hot boys and no Jona. And Oli's brother is in it for a few seconds.

Bullet For My Valentine - Tears Don't Fall
Who can argue with a vid that makes pretty boys wet? Nobody that's who.

Fightstar - Deathcar
I demand Bullet do a vid like this cause it's guhsome. Seriously, this vid's one of the most awesome ever (if only Omar'd be in it more...)

Funeral For A Friend - Into Oblivion (Reunion)
Ok so I only watched this vid once ages ago, but it has wet Welshies.

Lostprophets - A Town Called Hypocrisy
I had that no Lostprophets vids seem to embedded. Gah. So this one is a link. It's funny and amusing and yay for Ilan still being in it.
A link cause I can't find an embeddable one

The Blackout - Save Our Selves (The Warning)
I love how insanely... odd and random the last two The Blackout vids are (I've not seen the newest one). Yeah so... this one's here cuse it's random and this and Chilldren are their best vids.

We started Paranormal Activity last night. We got about a third of the way through before we got too tired. Watching the rest tonight.

Yay for a Simpsons Halloween special being played on Halloween! And it was new too. Yay!

I'm still in my Halloween stuff, cause I'm lazy. Boo. There's pics of it to be posted... tomorrow maybe.

The Bullet pic for November is made of sex. Jay crouched and fisting air. Nom.

Does anyone have Searchlight's album? I'm trying to track it down.

Two weeks till new Doctor Who! Yay!

That's all really. Gonna watch some scary films later cause we failed to yesterday. And do icons.
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