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Halloween, halloween

Happy Halloween everyone!

Today hasn't been too special.

We watched Sarah Jane. It was good, but it coulda been better and boo, not much Doctor/Luke interaction/sexing. Next week's looks interesting.

Yay at seeing Rhys! He's so cutes.

After a bit we watched Nightmare Before Christmas.

After some trying I got the full Spooky set on Animal Crossing. Yay! It's so... orange.

Merlin was pretty good. It was a mix of amusing and eww. Uther/troll=disturbing. And yay for Arthur, though he shoulda hugged Merlin.

Most Haunted Live is on now. So far... seems ehish.

Apart from watching Nightmare, it hasn't seen Halloweeny enough. The pumpkin's still in one piece and my 'costume' thing isn't special (a skirt and fishnets and gods it's cold!).

Good thing though, Mikey's staying an extra week! Woo! Also, The New Regime's album is ordered, yay!

So, later iconning and more films. Maybe watching Paranormal Activity to see what the fuss is about. Tomorrow shall be the vid post. Err... that's it really. That I can think of anyway.
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