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Nos da!

Back from the gig, so post ahoy.

Pre-gig first.

We went to grandad's grave yesterday and saur left flowers cause he's sweet like that.

I may do random poems like Tim Minchin's, but I dunno yet.

I semi-started fic, then slept.

The night I got Deathtroopers Mikey read it and seemed to like it. Wah!

Austin from Black Tide sorta looks like Jay, face wise.

Onto today. I woke up kinda late, but I made stupid dentist appointment for Monday 2:50. Bah.

I'm getting real into Final Fantasy on my DS. I think it's better then the other one I got. Perhaps the best thing I got last week.

We caught the later train then expected, but got there ok. We wandered round a bit. I got a Star Wars comic pack (Leia, Xizor and a comic for half price) and one of the new Rabbid figure things (I didn't know about them but it's cute! I want the mummy/igloo one). I got Kerrang and Black Velvet magazine. I also got a Gacha ball which was fail cause it was the same as last time. I gave it saur.

Apparently I'm 'lovely' for not taking a HMV bag. Odd people.

We had Mcdonalds and went to where the Fightstar signing was meant to be. Whe we saw they weren't there we had a wander and went back. They weren't there after the signing started half hour before. So we went to the venue and pretty much got straight in. We missed the first Atatck! Attack! song, but they were awesome as always. There was no merch I really wanted so I got nothing, though I liked the FFAF's zombie tee and Fightstar's Blade Runner-esque one. The Blackout's manager was doing the sound thing for Attack! and KIGH which amused me.

Then were Kids In Glass Houses. They were good.

Then there was Fightstar. It turned out Charlie's got a throat infection (which is likely the reason he missed the signing). Doctor's told him not to do the gig, but he did anyway. The rebel. They were awesome. They didn't play Deathcar (I guess cause it would've hurt his voice more) and Omar's arms were on show so... happy Stuie.

I got their set list too. Yay!

After that was Funeral For A Friend (yeah we kept to the one stage cause we had a good view). Is it just me or is one of the techs one oof Bullet's? The bald one from the dvd? I'm sure it is. Anyway, Darran was so so pretty! I wanted to squish him and Matt gave him a cuddle and rested against him. They played a lot of good songs, but not Maybe I Am. Boo. But Matt said Welsh! Yay!

After that we headed straight home, here ends the day.

We're gonna watch something now/soon.

Finally the resume thing on this comp works! Woo!

Tomorrow/soon I'll do a post of vids from British bands (this is as much a reminder for me as it is to inform everyone). And yes, most will likely be Welsh. And yes, Fightstar's vid will be Deathcar (the unrated one if I can find it cause it's guhsome).

And yes, tomorrow is Halloween! Yay! So horror films/Nightmare/Merlin/Sarah Jane. And dressing in drag.
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