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Stop this wedding!

We're back from a little walk in the park. I hate I can only go down one slide, but at least it's the spinny one. The main thing about the trip was we saw lights in the sky. 8 of them, all orange, all moving in the same direction. They were moving too fast and too close to be planes. it seems they were UFOs, at least in the most basic use of the word.

Mikey just found this which is a lot like what we seen.

There's a The New Regime special edition. Guh I want so much. Look at it, it's made of awesome! Why can't everyone do one like that? The only ones close to that level of awesome were the Panic! ones. I hope to get it with the sticks. Optimism time. Ilan's hot.

True Blood last night was amusing. Eggplant dick! Ha!

After that, we watched Pulse which was... pretty eh. Cept for Ian Somerhalder and his nommy arms. It seemed too apocalyptic and everyone seemed too stupid.

Sarah Jane was on earlier. It was the most awesomest ep ever. It was funny, there was a cute slug thing, KK9 and Mr Smith were amusing, Luke was hot and yay Doctor! I'll likely have a Doctor/Luke icon soon. I hate I have to wait an extra day to see the second part, but I'm sure it'll be awesome.

Had random idea earlier, may do it.

Tomorrow, going to Birmingham for the Vans gig, which has Attack! Attack!, Funeral For A Friend and Fightstar. Yay! Should be a good day. Gonna get stuff beforehand. Maybe figures, maybe Black Velvet, Kerrang and other randoms.
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