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That doesn't compute

Random things to put in Bullet points:
*It's strange seeing Wilhelmina from Ugly betty in DS9. Weirder still seeing her play someone nice
*Merlin looks hot sweaty. And Arthur looks hot topless. DO IT ALREADY!
*Mum's a bitch
*Suicide Season is in the post, yay!
*Final Fantasy is more awesome now the prologe's done. Llyud is hot, as is Vaan is there slash?
*Gonna put up BMTH posters at some point
*Kerrang, fuck off with your Nirvana
*Got Umbrella Academy up again to finish off in a morning, then I can put em back on the shelf.
*Probably just gonna get a Comic Pack (Xizor and Leia cause it's cheap and I like Leia's outfit) and Black Velvet magazine Friday
*Why does nowhere have Merlin stickers?
*Finally restarted the most awesome game ever: Majora's Mask. I'm through two three day cycles. The next one will be off to Woodfall.

Death Troopers came today! Yay! For anyone that doesn't know what it is, it's pretty much the most awesome book ever. Yeah, I've not read it but it's a Star Wars horror novel with zombies! How could it be bad seriously? And there's already a prequel in the works. So I've gotta quickly finish Cloak Of Deception, then I can read the awesome of that. Then I'll read The Force Unleashed, so that's me covered bookwise for awhile.

We went to the garden center yesterday. Pretty uneventful. There were lobsters eating a dead one (oddly, a cute ickle seahorse and a black swan outside which was so perdy and tame.

That's all I think. I've probably missed some shit out cause I'm thick.

Off to watch Step Brothers now. Then other films most likely.
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